Paradise Heights 2 Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Keigo's room
The same old corridor...
New acquaintances
Your office
Your boss is... how to put it mildly... a slut :)
Don't look at me like that... :)
Haven't we met before? As in, the first game?..
Ahh, the old flame is back...
Just like in the first game, eh? :)
What a ... view
Miki seems surprised
The first intimate contact?..
Miki is waiting for a kiss...
Outside view
Your assistant
Finally, Miki is ours...
"I'll show you that I'm not a kid!" - she says. That's the way to show? Interesting...
Oh wow. Mosaics vs. huge deformed breasts. I wonder who wins
Hey, I just wanted to know where you buy your stockings. No offense
Ahh, office sex... :)
Your boss seems... sad
Girls, don't quarrel because of me. I'll sleep with all of you eventually. It's a hentai game, after all
Some lesbian S&M action
I'll teach you S&M!..
She is crying...
...and here is the consolation
Hey, I just want YOU to feel well :)
More altruist actions by the hero. Be careful there girl, don't fall down :)