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Paradise Heights (PC-98)

Paradise Heights Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
You'll spend most of the game in this corridor...
Your room
What a pleasant meeting...
Chatting with Keiko
She looks rather ordinary, but... wait and see...
Please, stay there... I got a nice view from here...
Interaction choices are limited and repetitive
Classic shower scene
Not everyone here are pretty girls
Wanna be a star?..
Consoling Misa
Consolation continues...
Ahh, the passion, the passion...
Some mild voyeur action...
Miyuki cooks for you
Close-up on Miyuki
Hey, I just wanted to say "thanks" for the dinner
Oh, that's you? Please close the door behind you... ... ... what are you staring at?..
Lesbian passion. Oh yes!..
Hey, let go of my ear... :)
Meeting of mosaics :)
Keiko likes... mosaics?..
The obligatory "Lolita" scene
No need to push my head, please
Tender lesbian kiss
Hey, I'm just looking...
...but now not any more! Welcome to threesome! Ayayay...