Phantasie RPG Amaranth III Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Oh... okay. I'll delete this game immediately after submitting these screenshots. Promise! :)
Funny Fuga logo :)
Title screen
Main menu
We got TANKS now!
Din, the cute elf healer
Central square in Dematria
Talking to Din in the inn. Hey, it's a rhyme! Talking to Din.. in the inn... talking to Din... in the inn... man, I already have the right music in my head!
Equipment screen. It's empty. That's because we haven't bought anything yet
So me and Din were standing on that pier. I was bored, so I opened the menu. Items? Equipment? Who cares. Life is like an empty pier
This guy looks like he failed the audition for the role of Chenghis-Khan in a historical movie
Train station
Cut scene
Rain, harbor, ship...
It's dark... shhh....
Ohhhh :)
Ship travel
Enemy admiral!
More of them! We are surrounded! I'm not... vigorous any more!..