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PC-98 version

Title screen
The heroes, Mayumi and Hiroshi
Innocent times...
New acquaintances
Mayumi undresses
Bad company
Back alley
Hiroshi is not behaving well...
Hiroshi's room
Typical conversation screen
Sexual choices
Typical verb commands
Oh... no...
Mayumi's house
Mayumi is sleeping...
Interrogating a waiter
Mayumi is shocked
What to do, what to do?..
I guess this will help her answer my questions...
Talking to a police inspector
Suspicious people...
Nice room, nice hair...
After shower... hmm...
An offer I can't refuse
Awful interrogation methods...
Searching a room
Found a clue?..
Witnessing an assault
Company reception
Witnessing a rape
Not a nice guy, I suppose...
Help the girl, you dork!
Wow, double pleasure?!
Lesbian scene