Power Slave Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Groovy view!
Who is she? Who am I?..
Typical menu choices there
The mysterious rapist...
Introducing videos: she can surely throw a ball...
...and she can throw a... plate??..
Talking to your sis, Ayumi
Meeting your girlfriend Rika
Town map
Meeting in a park
Hanging with a buddy at the arcades
Oh wow, my girlfriend is doing it with my sister!!..
This is animated, yeah baby :))
Learn your future...
Office street
Rika in a karaoke bar
Battle! Let's show this guy!
Wow, wow, wow... that must be pleasant :)
You think she's satisfied?..
Here you can view the videos yo've watched so far
She's giving a blowjob to... a bunch of mosaics :)
Dig the clothes
Chick fighting! Yeah!..
Get away from my sister, brute!
What is this, Sakura Taisen??..
Oh, passion, passion...
Battle in the arcades!
Those huge eyes...
Romantic kiss!..
...and romantic sex
I thought it was a game about pretty girls...
Battle on the streets!
She protects herself...
...but that doesn't help her
Post-battle cut-scene
Oh my, some people do it in all kinds of places...