Record of Lodoss War: Haiiro no Majo Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Character creation
She looks great! :)
Viewing the characters
Getting started in a tavern
Outside area in a small town
The mayor is asking you to do something
Battle in a grassy area
Market square
World map
Text-only auto-battle
Mountain area. Multiple enemies attack
Bigger town
Buying items
A different temple
Enemies even make ambushes on the road
Dark dungeon... and this is the exit
Ghim is the first NPC who can join you
See your standings with the different nations
Cave dungeon. In front of a door
Status screen and item management
Exploring the dungeon
Battle in a dungeon. Tactical positioning
Battle in a dining hall! Precise commands
Special magical shop
Castle entrance in the capital
You have reached the borders of another country
Enemy has surrounded us
A long corridor in a tower dungeon