Record of Lodoss War II: Goshiki no Maryū Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
The intro shows beautiful cities...
...and other views
Some background story
The Adventurer's Guild, where you create your characters
Wow, two portraits per a combination of a race and a class - that really means a lot! Pity those particular two are so... you know... gay :)
On the other hand, there are those female elf warriors...
Generic town center
Exploring the overworld
Status screen
Welcome, welcome! Relax! We have... err... entertainment... right behind
Buying items
The temple looks suspiciously Catholic
You can recruit NPCs here
This guy looks like Rabindranat Tagore, don't you think?..
Battle on the plains. Your first choice is defense...
Skirmish in a desert
You can set combat on auto
A fight in a forest. Moving and targeting
You found a new guild
Castle entrance in capital city
Item management
Dungeon navigation. Ladder ahead
Dungeon battle
Another dungeon - in front of a door
Battle in the stony dungeon variety
Smaller town - central area
Another temple, a different priest...
You can't even walk on the roads nowadays!