Rusty Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title in the opening sequence
Main menu
A suspicious castle on a hill
...filled with minions of evil
Whatever they've got planned for her, it can't be pleasant...
What a wonderful day to destroy evil!
A happy family...but for how long?
She must be cold!
"So many have died..."
Map screen
Starting the first stage
Running along through the village
A lone enemy bounds toward Rusty
The building collapses and these things ambush her!
...but she takes them out with a special attack
Climbs stairs just like a Belmont
She can whip upwards as well
These keys are needed to open doors
Strike a pose!
Spikes are a one-hit kill. Watch out!
Defying the laws of physics, Rusty can swing from these rings with her whip.
These little balls power the special attacks
Oops, missed one too many jumps. The game lets you save after each stage
Bashing some statues for a key
The first boss is this half-naked woman riding a dragon
Rescued one of the girls
After each stage, a portrait of the girl saved is shown
Second stage goes into a graveyard. Rusty has a different outfit now
New enemies show up, including these strange bone creatures
The ground fell away, making a large hole in the ground...
...inside of which, the stage continues!
Time the movements to avoid the electricity
Bone warriors explode into...well, bones
A moving platform takes her deeper into the catacombs
Dashing against the conveyor belt