Wakusei Omega no Q Ōji Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro: mysterious pumpkin...
The prince
The amazing, 4 MhZ computer
Nice naming screen!
Alpha, the prince's partner
Main street. Photorealistic backgrounds
Meeting with a purple-haired woman in front of a school
Smoking is prohibited!..
A stereotypical maid
Seduction choices
Looks like it was a success!..
The next victim?..
A stereotypical "intellectual girl" in a park
I just wanted to borrow your underwear
Ahh, intellectual passion... or not
I wonder if she likes this construction site
Don't be shy!..
The choices of our lives: vaginal or anal sex?..
Choose wisely!..
You brought her to your apartment. But she looks angry...
...but not for long