Wonpara Wars II Screenshots (PC-98)

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Intro: alone in the forest...
Meeting the lovely Seria
Sweet, indeed... great picture :)
The hero is captured by the general Patty
The first battle!
This is what happens when a female piece captures another female piece...
The first battle is against Patty. That's how it ends :)
Dig the bra!
Poor little... chess piece
The scenes are more hardcore in this game than in the first one
World map with battle locations
Enemy general is waiting for you!
Battle in a forest
Ouch. That looks... uncomfortable
Battle in a river!
Enemy general defeated!
Cool bra, again :)
Battle with weird background. Note the special enemy piece in the middle
This capture was clearly made by a male piece...
Two enemy generals at the same time!
Battle in a castle. My bishop is feeling adventurous