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Game Shark (Mar 24, 2009)
Still, Peggle is the perfect game to port to the DS. Its addictive qualities will keep you staring at the small screen during your lunch break or while waiting for your flight. Duel mode is strange but won’t be missed since you’ll be too busy playing the 125 single-player levels in Adventure and Challenge modes. Some may balk at the game’s $29.99 retail price, but considering that it includes the Peggle Nights sequel, 90 levels from the Challenge modes, AND the fact that you can take Peggle anywhere, it’s a no-brainer.
Worth Playing (Mar 30, 2009)
Peggle: Dual Shot is another example of how PopCap Games can take a simple concept and twist it into something highly fun and addictive. The controls are terrific, and the sound is simply amazing. While the graphics could definitely have been better, the gameplay trumps all complaints that people may have about the game. There's even less to complain about, since gamers are actually getting two products in one, along with a little extra bonus goodness, so unless you absolutely hate puzzle games, there's no reason not to have Peggle Dual Shot in your Nintendo DS library.
Destructoid (Apr 06, 2009)
I'm pleased to say that Peggle Dual Shot is every bit as addictive as the PC version. For me, it replaces the PC versions in its more portable form. I guess the best thing I can say about Dual Shot is that I'm hopelessly addicted -- I find myself trying to squeeze another game in every chance I get. For this, we'll give Peggle Dual Shot our highest recommendation, though this recommendation comes with a warning: this game is a productivity killer. You've been warned.
GameZone (Apr 23, 2009)
With two games worth of content, exclusive bonus levels, almost one hundred challenge missions, and the infinite replayability afforded by the gameplay, Peggle Dual Shot is an absolute steal at $20 and is well worth picking up if you are looking for the perfect on-the-go puzzle experience.
GameDaily (Mar 03, 2009)
The $29.99 game hits stores today, March 3, and, despite our "boos" about multiplayer, we predict our productivity for the rest of the week will decline by at least 75-80%. (If my boss is reading this -- I'm exaggerating for effect. Honest.)
GamesRadar (Mar 06, 2009)
If you're one of the unlucky saps who have yet to be caught in Peggle's addictive grasp, the affordable, content-packed Peggle Dual Shot may be the best gateway to this enduringly enjoyable franchise. And if you're already a Peggle nut? Now it's portable, and it's all here. Good luck trying to talk your way out of that purchase.
IGN (Feb 23, 2009)
Peggle is a harmonious combination of simple, addictive gameplay and engaging sights and sounds. The design has been mostly successfully ported to the DS, although the interface isn't quite as smooth as it could be. That "certain something" is definitely still here, though, and if you haven't yet been introduced to Peggle you should set aside some time. A lot of time.
84 (Jul 22, 2009)
All said, Peggle is probably one of the few games that everyone who owns a DS should probably go out of their way and find. Even though this game is little more than a port of the one that is available on almost every platform, it seems to lend itself to being carried around and played on the go. The minor tweaks of using the stylus to aim are neat, but the game was sound when it came out originally so it didn’t need that many changes. It goes without saying that if you enjoy fun, get yourself a copy of Peggle DS.
Nintendo Life (Mar 17, 2009)
If you’re one of the few people who have never played a Peggle game before, Peggle: Dual Shot is a great place to start. The game offers a large amount of stages that will keep you occupied for a long period of time as well as a very engaging single-player mode. The only fault with the game worth mentioning is the lack of an online mutliplayer mode. Just imagine what it would’ve been like playing against other Peggle fans around the world. Besides that minor fault, Peggle: Dual Shot is an excellent addition to anyone’s Nintendo DS library.
GameSpot (Mar 11, 2009)
Peggle Dual Shot is a simple game that captures the addictive fun of its PC predecessor. The $30 price tag is too high for the fairly limited gameplay and weak multiplayer support, even with the bevy of levels on offer. Nevertheless, there is a whole lot of fun to be had here. Watching your ball bounce its way through the level and clear a path for your next shot is pleasing, and nailing a great shot (be it skilled, lucky, or a bit of both) is really satisfying. Peggle: Dual Shot would be easier to recommend if it was more reasonably priced, but it's still a fun puzzle game that is well suited to this portable platform.
GamePro (US) (Feb 27, 2009)
Peggle on-the-go means you might end up accomplishing more while you're actually at your desk-a perk-but if that seems like small consolation, then you're better off sticking to the classic version. Plus, you'll save $9.99.
Wired (Apr 08, 2009)
Were it not for the Nintendo DS’ low-res graphics, Peggle Dual Shot might well be considered a definitive version of the game. Packed with a great deal of content, it’s a great time-killer that can make hour-long bus rides pass in the blink of an eye.