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iPad version

Title Screen
Main Menu
See how many red pegs you can get per shot
After you hit the last red peg it zooms in and goes slow mo
Use as little balls as possible and you get a ribbon
Make that first shot count

iPhone version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Bjorn introduces you to Peggle.
How to play Peggle in one easy step.
When the ball hits a peg, it lights up then disappears.
Once you hit that last orange peg, you reach EXTREME FEVER.
When the ball goes into one of the buckets, your final Fever score is shown.
Your level results
Hit a green peg to earn helpful magic powers.
The Super Guide shows you where the ball will go after its first bounce.
By double tapping, you can zoom in for more precise aiming.
Purple pegs are worth more points!
Bricks can form ramps to slide down.
Score enough points and you'll get an extra ball.
Completing each level earns you a new trophy.
Each new stage gives you a new Peggle Master with a different power.
Jimmy Lightning's super power splits one ball into two!
These curly bricks are hard to hit!
In this level, all the bricks lead downward to the center.
Those are some mad skills right there.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Great, a free shot!
Removing some balls.
After all orange balls are gone, the "Fever"-mode is activated.
Level statistics
Fungi? I guess...
Some more instructions about special features.
Multi shot, looks nice.
Introduction of the next master.
Egypt looks strange today.
Bjorn Unicorn stands next to the coveted Extreme Grand Master trophy.

Zeebo version

Title screen and main menu. The Peggle Master ribbon above the title means I've already completed the adventure mode.
Selecting game mode.
Selecting player in adventure mode. New players must be unlocked as the player progresses through the adventure mode.
Starting a new game. You must aim the ball and shoot. Pegs hit are lightened and then disappear. The object is to remove all orange pegs.
Hitting a green peg will activate the special power for that character. Bjorn's special power is the "Super Guide". It shows the trajectory the ball will take after it bounces.
Dropping the ball into the ball bucket earns you a free ball.
Hitting the last orange peg releases the "extreme fever". The ball will keep bouncing until it falls into one of the holes at the bottom of the screen, with different bonus points.
Level complete! Here's my score.
The Peggle Master unlocked in Stage Two is Jimmy Lightning. His power, "Multiball", splits the ball in two.
Kat Tut is unlocked in Stage 3. His special power, "Pyramid", attaches an ancient pyramid to the ball bucket, giving it a larger surface for the ball to bounce.
Stage 5 has Splork as a new player. His special power is the "Super Blast", which lights up all pegs nearby the green one.
Claude, the player unlocked in stage 6, has "Flippers" as his special power. When the green peg is hit, two flippers are added to the bottom of the screen as in a pinball game.
In stage 7 Reinfield will join the roster of players. His special power is the "Spooky Ball", which makes the ball reappear in the top of the screen after falling through the bottom.
Tula is unlocked in stage 8. She has the "Flower Power", which lights up 20% of the remaining orange pegs.
If your shot misses all pegs, a coin will be flipped. You can either lose that ball or get a free one.
Warren is unlocked in stage 10 and has, as his special power, the Lucky Spin. It's basically a wheel of fortune with 4 different special powers. The unique special power is the Magic Hat.
The Magic Hat will light up all pegs it passes over.
Lord Cinderbottom is unlocked in stage 10. His special power is the Fireball, which goes through all pegs. The ball bucket will be covered when the ball is launched.
Master Hu is the last character to be unlocked (in level 11). His special power, the "Zen Ball", goes through blue balls, bouncing only on orange pegs.
Selecting a level in Quick Play mode.
Selecting a Challenge level.
Playing a Challenge Level. In this one I have to remove 55 orange pegs instead of the normal amount. With 2 extra balls from Jimmy Lightning's power it should be easier.
I beat the challenge!
Playing a Quick Play level. When hitting a peg after bouncing on another one far from it, you get bonus points like this "Super Long Shot".
Clearing all pegs gives you "Ultra Extreme Fever". All slots award 100,000.
Clearing all pegs also gives you a ribbon. Clearing 100% pegs in all levels awards you a trophy.
A Duel in course. Players take turns trying to score more points.
Player 2 wins the duel.

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