Penguin-Kun Wars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Next match.
Throw the balls.
Hit him.
You've been hit.
Nice one.
Keep throwing.
Perfect game.
Bonus game.
Next match.
Throwing outside.

Game Boy version

Japanese title screen
American title screen
Choose your character
First encounter: Rabbit!
Sending a volley at the rabbit
He's hit!
Penguin wins
A double hit!
After a while, the little bird appears
You won the set
Bonus game
Next up: Cow!
Hit by the cow
You lose!
Game over

MSX version

Title screen
The tournament
Push the balls to the other side and knock your opponent down
You won your first game
Let's win anthter game and win the set!
Doesn't look good!

NES version

Title screen
Qualifying table
Starting a match
You hit the... cat? Mouse? Bear?
You're hit!
After a while, the reflective spiral appears
You lost a set.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Best 5 scores
First opponent - Mouse
Got every ball on my opponent's side of the table
Aw shucks, thanks...
Bonus round - Bumper Ball
Panda is my second opponent
After 30 seconds this jellybean appears in the middle of the stage and moves back and forth across the table
Second bonus round is a variation of "Whack-a-mole" but instead of whacking them with a hammer, you throw the blue bombs at them
Third opponent is a green Koala
Hollow victory, just look at that sad koala
Weird bonus round
In the end there can only be one
Final match is against a Gopher
Gonna go right down to the wire, at 1:1 we get a draw game
Victory. Even though I have more balls on my side of the table, he has the bomb on his so he loses
Another bonus round
Top step of the podium at the "Acommendation ceremony"