Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Intro: a mysterious temple...
Introducing the characters: the heroine, Maya
Maya goes to work. Many characters are introduced through such short and lively descriptions
Like in many other Megaten games, the first dungeon-like location is a school
Yes, indeed... not a pretty sight
An early battle. Menu with choices
Ulala enters a deep metaphysical conversation with a randomly encountered slime monster. Seriously!
This is the place where you'll spread rumors in this game. Nice cat!
Shopping malls have various establishments - restaurants, bars, stores, you name it... and you can visit them all
Cool modern-looking internet cafe
You'll meet strange characters that offer... unusual services
Long time no see! This is, of course, Igor, the master of the Velvet Room, where you get your Personae
There is a vast amount of Personae in the game, each with their own attributes, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Included are, among others, evil gods from Canaan...
...and somewhat less evil ones from Greece
Overall map with districts
Visiting a drugstore
In-game general menu
Status and equipment screen
Excuse me, is the Horace Silver tribute already finished? I want to hear Teresa Lee solo on "Sister Sadie"...
Seedy CD dungeon
Believe it or not, this is the local police station...
Harbor district map with places of interest highlighted
Rumor-spreading interface
You'll accumulate an embarrassing amount of Tarot cards. These can be exchanged for Personae...
...or have various beneficial effects
One of the many scenes that include conversation between characters. As we can see, console censorship has somewhat relented since the days of NES!..
Sewers dungeon
Katsuya interrogates an enemy!
Hmm... who is this cat?
Sumaru TV dungeon
There are two kinds of maps: zoomed-in, detailed one...
...and a more general overview
Mid-game battle. Look who is in my party - a character from the first Persona!
Aoba Park dungeon
Nate engages in a sociological conversation with a red dragon-like enemy
Oh wow, nice spell effects! Hit-all spells are particularly useful
Battle against powerful enemies in a late-game dungeon. Persona-summoning in progress
Dramatic and touching scenes from the previous game may appear
A decisive boss battle late in the game