Persona 2: Innocent Sin Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Title screen. The Chinese sign means "sin".
Choose a name for Tatsuya Suou, the game's protagonist
Running through a typical dungeon. You can rotate the camera 180 degrees
Intro FMV. This is Maya, which also happens to be the protagonist of "Eternal Punishment"
Tatsuya is talking to some schoolboys
A mysteriously-looking dungeon late in the game
Main in-game menu. A high-level party is shown
Status and equipment screen
There is a vast amount of Personae in the game. This here is... Satan. Seriously. And see what category he belongs to...
All Personae are divided into classes represented by Tarot cards you receive from demon communications. This here is the stylish symbol of the Lovers class
Besides Personae, you'll also obtain other types of cards, including such special materials
Many mythologies are included in the "demon compendium" of the game. This is Vishnu, one of the principal Hindu deities. A short description is below
Battle against mechanized and undead Nazis. Seriously. This game is weird indeed...
Personal conversations and dramatic scenes abound in the game. Note the expression on the character's portrait
This zoomed-out map is very helpful...
...and so is the zoomed-in one, for warning you of traps!
Persona-summoning in progress - casting a powerful spell on those poor unsuspecting dragons...
This weird character will heal your party...
...while this equally weird (and familiar to all fans of the series) character named Igor will summon Personae for you in the Velvet Room