North Atlantic Convoy Raider Screenshots (Commodore PET/CBM)

User Screenshots

Commodore PET/CBM version

Objectives - sink all British Battleships
Bismarck leaving port heading 270
2hrs into mission in Fog spotted by the Hood
In and out of fog - start exchanging broadsides with Hood
The battle drags on but we almost have the Hood
Hood blows up and sinks - 1 down 3 to go
Heading South 180 Bismarck is spotted by aircraft
Fog cover but spotted by both Rodney & King George
Trying to draw them apart so I can battle them one at a time
Engaged with Rodney taking damage and giving it back
Under cover of dense fog I break the Rodney battle
Sailing South 180 fog lifts and we run into Prince of Wales and Rodney - Bismarck is sunk - Game end