Peter Pan Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Do you want to be a tortoise, a rabbit or a bird?
Once upon a time, in London, one evening...
Move the cursor and press enter to help Peter find his shadow.
Second star to the right and straight on till morning.
Welcome to Neverland
I've selected the Indian village. I'll need to help Tiger Lily.
I will need to canoe about, gathering items, without getting caught by the Indian.
At the Lost Boys' camp, I need to gather flowers without getting caught.
I need to click on all the mermaids to get across the bay to Wendy.
Seek my den! (a game of hide-and-seek). I need to find where the children are hiding by clicking on the screen.
That's not them, it's a bear.
Found them!
"I say, Captain, do you hear something?"
I have to get through the ship, avoiding all pirates, to rescue Wendy.
Wendy is saved...
...and Hook is sent packing!

Atari ST version

Title screen
The Darling children
Another nickname for Abu Hamza
The bedroom
Jack in the box up
Toy chest open
Flying away on a cloud
It's on this island your adventure takes place
This girl is very unhappy, you have to help her!
One of many missions. Get all the flowers without getting caught
Lots of mermaids here...

Thomson TO version

Title Screen
This is only appearance of Captain Hook in the game
Selecting the speed difficulty level
Night in London
Ghost is found
Flying to the star over night London
Map of Neverland
Indian leader is upset
Collecting the items in canoe to set Tiger Lily free
Tiger Lily is happy
Gathering the flowers
Jumping across the river to Wendy by selecting each mermaid on the screen
Trying to find the den of Peter Pan
Peter Pan's den was found
Crocodile is approaching the pirate ship with Wendy onboard
Running to rescue Wendy
Wendy is happy
A ship is flying over night London
The End