Petka 9: Proletarskiy Glamur Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Petka, Chapaev and Anka in the intro
The heroes travel through time in a yellow submarine
One of loading screens
Arriving in Moscow 2150
Interaction options appear when you click on certain objects/NPCs
Not a comfortable place
A view of the Kremlin
Recurring NPC Kuzmich milking a mutant bee-cow
Inventory and quick options menu. Also, sometimes the game allows to switch between characters
Weird bodybuilding posters
Charaev crossing the sewer on a rubber duck
Anka taking a shower ;)
Side-scrolling minigame - rules explained
Side-scrolling action
Landed in a pool
This dashing lady is stealing Chapaev's attention completely. Easy to see why!
Anka is stuck like this until we figure out how the help her. And of course there's a "peek" option.
In-game ad for Collapse is on the TV
Chapaev, Lenin and Stalin at the bar... Only in Russian adventure games!
Glamour party
In the office overlooking the tennis court
Anka is nervous, she needs to play a tennis match versus Shkurnikova (obvious pun on Kurnikova)
Torturing a NATO spy with some poorly cooked porridge ;)
The heroes receiving their award for saving motherland