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PGA Tour 96

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Platform Votes Score
3DO 1 4.0
DOS 2 3.5
Genesis 3 4.0
PlayStation 2 3.5
SNES 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 9 3.8

The Press Says

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3DOThe Video Game Critic
If you own a 3DO, you must own this game! It's fun and addicting, and never seems tedious like other golf games. The courses look a bit grainy, but the slopes undulate and curve realistically. The round swing meter is something EA has honed over many years of making golf games. It's always tempting to go for the extra power, but that increases your chances of a bad shot. The sound effects are excellent, and when you're putting, the commentator makes his remarks in a low, hushed voice. The game moves along at a nice clip, although there are occasional pauses for disk access. You get three real 18-hole courses and 56 pro golfers to compete against. Like the Playstation version, this stands as one of the finest golf games of all time.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
The audio could be better. The sound effects are virtually non-existent, with the exception of an occasional bellow of a sea lion in Spyglass hill. Could they make that sound effect any louder? It sounds like he's on your back for Pete's sake! There's a commentator, but he only chimes in before putts, and talks in a polite whisper. With fun gameplay and classic good looks, PGA Tour 96 is one golf game that should pass the test of time.
Un gioco che ancora sa regalare emozioni agli appassionati del genere, inutile chiedere di più!
DOSAll Game Guide
Unfortunately, there are a few small gripes that are nonetheless annoying. Even with optional wind speed conditions (calm, breezy or windy) there is no variation in the wind strength once the setting is chosen and the application of the effect of brisk winds is too punishing . The announcer is not always correct in his assessment of how your putt will break but he can be toggled off and lastly, even though there was a golf ball included in the box, there was no accompanying set of clubs. As you can see, there isn't really much wrong with this simulation. Electronic Arts has come a long way toward providing quality competition to the major golf simulations on the market.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
This disc's strikingly deep approach to golf easily overcomes its shortage of courses. With three difficulty levels, PGA '96 will satisfy your golfing itch for quite some time.
Spectacular graphics, sound, gameplay. Good difficulty levels. You'll need a Pentium to overcome the slow load times. More courses would be a welcome addition. If you love the game of golf, this is a duffer's delight.
3DOGamePro (US)
PGA Tour '96 is a game as rare as a hole-in-one and a must-have for 3DO golfers.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
PGA Tour scores a hole in one with me. The game play is excellent as usual with an EA Sports golf game. The only chance this time is it now has the graphics to go with the game play. Whether you're a novice or a pro at golf games, PGA Tour '96 captures all aspects of the complex game of golf. Tee it up.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Serienmäßig enthalten sind das althergebrachte Experten-Gesülze („This could be a Bogie!“), informative „FIy-Bys“ und Videosequenzen, die einlullenden Gitarren-Klänge und die quakende, plätschernde und tschilpende Geräuschkulisse. Naturgetreuere Grafik, spannende Turnier-Modi, stufenlos einstellbare Blickwinkel, ständig präsente Kamera-Perspektiven und eine noch präzisere Ball-Kontrolle dürften auch emanzipierte Links 386- Golfer entzücken.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Die Antwort auf die Gretchenfrage "Lohnt sich der Kauf, wenn man die Version vom Vorjahr schon hat?" neigt leicht zu einem "Ja". Die nervigen Nachladezeiten sind entschärft, einige neue Detail-Features erhöhen zusätzlich den Komfort. Sieht man vom zuschaltbaren "Waggle"-Faktor ab, spielt sich PGA '96 ziemlich genau wie der Vorgänger - also ausgesprochen gut. Eine sichere Bank für Golf-Liebhaber.
DOSJoystick (French)
Beau. Très beau, avec quelques améliorations appréciables et d'autres inutiles. Si vous n'avez pas PGA Tour 486, alors celui-ci est fait pour vous.
DOSPower Play
Im Zeitalter der Pentium mit 16 MB RAM kommt die technische Verbesserung zwar spät, aber dennoch nicht ungelegen. Der bei jedem Schlag neu berechnete Bildschirmaufbau geht jetzt auch auf einem flotten 486er (so ab 80 MHz) mit 8 MB RAM ohne größere Wartezeiten ab – der Vorgänger strapazierte hierbei doch arg die Geduld des Golfers. Spielerisch blieb es dagegen im großen und ganzen beim (bewährten) Alten. Schwungvoll und nett digitalisiert schlägt und puttet sich der Wohnzimmergolfer von Loch zu Loch und versucht dabei, gegen PGA-Profis zu bestehen. Dies ist zumindest im Pro-Level anfangs ähnlich herausfordernd wie das Erlernen des echten Golfsports. Die der Sportart angemessene noble Grafik erfreut des Spielers Auge, und die sanften Klänge der musikalischen Untermalung verhindern selbst in kniffligen Situationen übermäßigen Adrenalinausstoß.
DOSCD Player
Computergolfer können beides haben: Spielerische Substanz und ein ansprechendes Äußeres. PGA 96 verwendet viele Tugenden des PC-Vorgängers, lindert den Nachlade-Frust und bietet Verbesserungen im Detail. Das Resultat ist eine ausgereifte, leicht zugängliche Golf-Simulation, die sich spielt wie geschmiert. Auf der anderen Seite haben die Programmierer den Realitätsgrad nicht vernachlässigt. Die 3D-Grafik wird sorgfältig berechnet; Handicaps wie Büsche oder Bunker erfordern viel schlagtechnisches Knowhow. Mit «Waggle« gibt es eine neue Steuerungsnuance, die Golfkenner erfreuen wird. Caddy-Beistand auf Pro-Level ein PGA-Turnier zu gewinnen, ist dann schon ein hartes Stück Arbeit. Eine höhere Wertung für die PC-Version wurde nur knapp vergeigt. Perfekt ist PGA 96 nicht: Ein bißchen mehr Mühe bei der Präsentation des Turniermodus oder ein weiterer Kurs hätten mich mehr erfreut, als solcher Schnickschnack wie die Videoclips zu 14 PGA-Profis.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Bearing in mind that you should be able to pick this game up for a few dollars due to its age, I would recommend this as the ideal introduction to playing golf on the PlayStation.
3DOVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
I'm going to make this short and sweet. PGA Tour Golf for the 3DO is everything you look for in a golf game. You take 3DO's high graphics and sound capability and add EA quality and boom, you've got the IROC of golf games (wanna bet that'll be the only time in history that analogy gets made?).
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
What this boils down to is an absurd experience while choosing course, number of players and so forth. But once you manage to get through the quagmire that is the set-up screen, PGA Golf '96 is, to date, the best golf game out there.
DOSHigh Score
Det är bara detaljer som står mellan PGA Tour 96 och en femma i betyg, och det är ett av de absolut bästa golfspelen som finns till PC.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Due to length of each game I have only played three games this week, each lasting over 4 hours. Up to 4 Human players can play together which is great fun, but takes absolutely ages to play 18 holes. We still get together and play a round about once every two weeks. I don't think that we will ever become addicted to this game, but it is a fantastically relaxing alternative to playing some of the more stressful games and because of this I think we will be occasionally playing this for many months.
SNESAll Game Guide
All in all, PGA Tour 96 offers a lot of features for the golfing fan and remains one of the better golfing games on the system. If the developers had added a camera that chased the ball as soon as it sailed into the air, offered a more challenging swing meter, sped up the menu screens and improved the course graphics, the game would be close to perfect.
3DOAll Game Guide
Other than the fact that it is far easier than real golf (even in the Pro mode of play), this is a very realistic golf game. It is smooth, sophisticated and fun.
PlayStationComing Soon Magazine
PGA Tour 96 furnishes an excellent game of golf that should be fun to anyone that enjoys the sport. The only bad points were the commentaries that were heard only on green and the low quality of some of the graphics.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
One thing that distinguishes the SNES PGA '96 cart from the Genesis one is that the SNES version doesn't have the new swing meter that was present in the new version. PGA Tour '96 for the SNES looks more like the '95 version. This is alright though, because SNES owners should be happy enough with the vast improvements made in playability.
SNESGamePro (US)
Patient gamers will find a good round of golf despite these flaws. While it doesn't top Genesis PGA III, this first SNES outing gets the job done better than it's lame Genesis counterpart.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Genesis golfers should stick with PGA Tour III, the pinnacle of the series. If you're dying for a fresh round of golf, check out the masterful Playstation game.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
In addition to having to wait forever for the screens to be drawn, once you hit the ball you don't get even a separate view of where it lands. And God forbid if your ball goes behind a tree - you may as well be behind a brick wall. The scenery looks nice from a distance, but up close the hills look like giant triangles and the trees look horribly pixilated. There are some extra modes and saved stats, but these bells and whistles mean little when the game itself is so poor. Better hold onto those old PGA games - you're going to need them.