PGA Tour Golf 486 Credits (DOS)

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PGA Tour Golf 486 Credits


Lead Programmer/Technical DesignAdam Bellin
Software EngineersIan Clarke, Kenneth L. Hurley, Dana Tom, Drew Topel, Frank Barchard
ProducerSteve Cartwright
Executive ProducerSam Nelson
DesignSteve Cartwright, Tony Iuppa
Associate ProducerKeith Orr
Assistant Producer/Video EditorTony Iuppa
GraphicsLance Alameda, Eric DeSantis, Terrence C. Falls, Cynthia Hamilton, Ian House, Kendra Lamas, Alyson Markell, Roseann Mitchell, Margaret Foley-Mauvais
Course DesignersLance Alameda, Tony Iuppa
SoundRob Hubbard
MusicRob Hubbard
Sound Effects/DialogueMarc Farly
Video ProductionMark W. Day, Jeni Day, MaryAnn Fabian, Jerry Newton, Jim Rolin, Michael Sweeney, Lucy Bradshaw
Product ManagersGlenn Chin, Chip Lange, Clive Downie
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
DocumentationDavid C. Lee, T. S. Flanagan
European DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation LayoutJennie Maruyama, Colin Dodson
Testing ManagerAlan Roireau
Product TestingBrian Reed, Rich Rogers, Jeff Hasson, Thomas MacDevitt
Quality AssuranceDavid Schenone, Randy Eckhardt, Walter Ianneo, Richard Gallagher
CommentaryJohn Shrader, Russ Offenbach
ConsultantPaul Zuzelo
Special ThanksIMAGETECTS, Keith McCurdy
Other Golfer AnimationsJack Baker, Richard Edmunds, Tim Roulliard, Steve M. Suhy

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jewelcase (1186) and formercontrib (159632)