Phantasie RPG Amaranth III Screenshots

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FM Towns version

First thing you see is this audio set up screen
Animated Intro with Din the elf
Title screen
The townsfolk are outraged that Fuga didn't even bother getting rid of the scanlines when porting over from the PC-98
Lyann and Din talking
Time to fight

PC-98 version

Oh... okay. I'll delete this game immediately after submitting these screenshots. Promise! :)
Funny Fuga logo :)
Title screen
Main menu
We got TANKS now!
Din, the cute elf healer
Central square in Dematria
Talking to Din in the inn. Hey, it's a rhyme! Talking to Din.. in the inn... talking to Din... in the inn... man, I already have the right music in my head!
Equipment screen. It's empty. That's because we haven't bought anything yet
So me and Din were standing on that pier. I was bored, so I opened the menu. Items? Equipment? Who cares. Life is like an empty pier
This guy looks like he failed the audition for the role of Chenghis-Khan in a historical movie
Train station
Cut scene
Rain, harbor, ship...
It's dark... shhh....
Ohhhh :)
Ship travel
Enemy admiral!
More of them! We are surrounded! I'm not... vigorous any more!..