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VIC-20Personal Computer Games (Sep, 1984)
The basic idea behind Pharaoh's Curse isn't particularly new, but there are enough original touches to give a unique feel to the game. The program is visually attractive, easy to grasp, and great fun to play.
While not up to Synapse's Necromancer standards, Pharaoh's Curse is still one of the best-looking games for the Atari computers. Its main problem is that it's neither a full-fledged shoot-em-up nor a full-fledged adventure. Pharaoh's Curse, like its central character, doesn't seem to know which way to go.
Atari 8-bitDefunct Games (Jan 14, 2014)
Pharaoh's Curse is a simple game by today's standards, but one that I will always hold in high esteem. When you consider that this is an 8-bit Atari game from the pre-Nintendo Entertainment System days, it has, at least in my opinion, aged very well. I still find myself itching to play it from time to time. Pharaoh's Curse is worth seeking out.
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic (May 27, 2004)
Pharaoh's Curse is generally fun, but two flaws frustrated me to no end. One is the whole "trap" system. Traps are visible and triggered momentarily after they are touched. In general they are easy to avoid, but many are dangerously situated at the end of elevators, leading to many undeserved deaths. I do find it entertaining that the mummy and pharaoh also fall victim to these traps - you'd think they'd know better. The second annoyance is the fact that the pharaoh and mummy can actually shoot at you! Huh?! What could they possibly be using, a slingshot?! That's bogus! Pharoah's Curse is hard, probably too hard for novices, but determined gamers may find this little adventure hard to quit.
Commodore 64Micro 7 (Feb, 1984)
Fait partie de ces programmes où le jeu d'adresse fait les yeux doux aux amateurs d'aventure.