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PlayStation 3 3.1
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Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGameFan Magazine
To play Philosoma is to be painfully teased. Philosoma is so good, yet so short. It'll drive you mad. I waited two years for this game and finished it in two sittings. Setting the deficiency in challenge aside, this game has everything going for it: the CG FMV is easily and the best to date, the story is awesome and the levels themselves are beautifully rendered. SCE should just go with this basic formula and make a sequel with more of everything!
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The changing perspectives on every level are the backbone of this PSX shooter. The graphics are clear, making Philosoma a balanced game that matches that stunning cinemas found after every level. Your ship controls smoothly and precisely, but the same views that make this game unique also make it somewhat disturbing. Some of the new and unusual views take a while to get used to, but this is still a very fresh shooter. One draw back is that it is a little short after you get into it.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
Of course, it doesn't matter how bad you are as Philosoma gives you enough lives and continues to make it through the whole game in one sitting. And therein lies its downfall; it's too short. Philosoma is a great ride and a really entertaining shooter, but it doesn't last long.
PlayStationCD Player
Auch wenn die meisten 2D-Spielszenen wenig Gebrauch von der 32-Bit-Hardware machen und mit einigen besonders unschönen Optiken aufwarten, bleibt »Philosoma» insgesamt empfehlenswert. Erstens findet man heutzutage kaum noch ein Ballerspiel mit »altmodischen» Action-Szenen und zweitens entpuppen sich die 3D-Abschnitte als optisch und spielerisch hervorragend. Dank pulsierender Bildschirm-Action legen wir Philosoma nicht nur Genre-Fans ans Herz.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Full-motion clips are used to provide seamless transitions between the different views, and these clips are better looking than the ofter plain in-game graphics. But there's an even bigger problem than the graphics, most players will beat Philosoma in a day, placing it squarely in the "rent" or "borrow from a buddy" categories. Lets hope for a sequel with more meat on it's bones.
PlayStationVideo Games
Das erste Shoot‘em Up von Sony CE ist für meinen Geschmack ziemlich gut gelungen. Zwar sieht das Ganze aus, als hätte man einzelne Schnipsel aus verschiedenen alten Ballerspielen zu einem Stück zusammengeschustert, doch die Übergangssequenzen, die die einzelnen Teile miteinander verbinden, wirken optisch sehr reizvoll. Wenn man das Spiel zum ersten Mal sieht, ist man verwirrt und zugleich auch fasziniert von dem Überraschungseffekt. Die Übergänge, beispielsweise vom Seitenscroll in den Vertikalscroll, lassen nämlich kaum Zeit für eine Atempause. Man muß höllisch darauf achten, wann eine Zwischensequenz endet und wo das eigentliche Spiel beginnt. Hat man so einen kompletten Level geschafft, darf man sich den Spielstand auf die Memory-Karte sichern. Leider benötigt man für die vier Level in Philosoma nicht mehr als drei Stunden Spielzeit und das ist eben viel zu kurz.
PlayStationGame Players
The sprite-based graphics are satisfying, but don't dazzle, while much the same can be said for the sound, which is adequate. Still, everything explodes, nicely, and the gameplay is balanced. If you're a shooter fan, Philosoma provides strong gameplay, variety and value in one package.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
The sounds and controls are both stable and unassuming. The music doesn't interfere and the controls are easy to maintain. If you've breezed through and enjoyed Galactic Attack and Jupiter Strike, Philosoma should be the next entry in your flight log, jet boy.
PlayStationGame Revolution
If you are still addicted to the lost shooting relics of another age, or just an average shooting fan, this game will definitely serve your purpose. I guess I should recommend this, because it is the best shooter, by virtue of default (I wouldn't even count Viewpoint). But buy it at a liquidation sale for cheap, because there are more quality shooters out there, like Gaiares, ThunderForce, Mega Space Force, Axelay, Starfox, Silpheed, Centipede (OK, so I'm stretching it a little. . .).
The graphics are decent, if not a little lackluster. The backgrounds are generally pretty dull, but it's the enemies and obstacles that really count. There're plenty of things to blow up, as well as numerous power ups and weapons to choose from. Control is fluid and responsive as well. There's nothing here that hasn't been done before, but what is here is done pretty well.