A fast way to create white and purple PikminContributed by Servo (57414) on Dec 07, 2004.

Later on in the game you may find that having large numbers of purple and/or white Pikmin will be handy. However, the only way to create these Pikmin is by the white/purple candypop buds which are only found underground. Land in the Valley of Repose, go to the cave called Subterranean Complex. On several floors in this cave you will find numerous purple and white candypop buds. To quickly go from floor to floor, you don't need to have your Pikmin reach the exit with you; as long as they are under control of one of your characters (Olimar or Louie), the other can go to the exit and when you select "yes" when asked if you want to dive deeper into the cave all of the Pikmin will follow. This way you can run through the floors quickly without having to worry about your Pikmin being killed off by the various dangers. On the last floor to feature purple candypop buds, there is a geyser to the surface so you can escape the cave without worrying about the last few (candypop bud-less) floors, and if need be you can enter the cave as often as you want.

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