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A novel approach to flight games that is both realistic and fun SNES Roedie (5226)
A lot of fun SNES r h (15)
What other game at the time (or to date?) can you skydive??! SNES OlSkool_Gamer (99)

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SNES 42 3.9
Wii 3 4.0
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 45 3.9

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SNESGénération 4
En résumé, Pilotwings est un logiciel étourdissant et est déjà entré dans l'histoire des jeux vidéo !
Pilot Wings is a game no SNES owner should be without - our pics give you some idea of quality, but wait 'til you see it in action!
SNESComputer and Video Games (CVG)
What I find so attractive are the astonishing 3D graphics and the real feeling of "being there" that the sound effects, detail and smoothness help to create. Also, while there's not much in the way of pulse-racing action, playing is a really skillful business, and the addition of the pass-codes makes it easy to come back to time after time. This is one of the most impressive games I've ever played, and when I buy my Famicom it's going to be top of the shopping list. Is that recommendation enough?
SNESPower Unlimited
Dit is nog eens origineel. Een echte flight simulator, zonder dat het meteen ingewikkeld moet zijn. De Super Nintendo toont dat 'ie heel wat in z'n mars heeft qua pseudo-3D effecten en Nintendo laat zien dat ze heus wel originele ideeën hebben.
Pilotwings warrants immediate purchase, it is everything a good game should be - challenging, fun, realistic and very playable. If only Nintendo would make a moving chair...
C'est pour cela aussi que dans son contexte, la transition de 8 à 16-bit, Pilotwings était quelque chose d'incroyable: un jeu où vous étiez libre d'explorer un univers à trois dimensions. Sur consoles, en 1990, c'était une innovation. Mais avant tout, Pilotwings est un vrai jeu. Certes, s'il a la profondeur visuelle d'un jeu en 3-D, il n'en a pas celui du contenu; il compense cela admirablement par sa difficulté savamment dosée, et le réalisme de sa jouabilité, toutes deux fort stimulantes. Qui, en appuyant sur le bas de la croix de direction, ne s'est jamais senti comme le pilote tirant vers lui de toute ses forces le manche à balai pour redresser son avion effectuant un piqué ? Au cours de chutes vertigineuses et de manoeuvres casse-cou, tout comme dans ses moments de détente et de batifolage, Pilotwings procure une forme d'ivresse que seuls les grands jeux sont capables de donner.
SNESTotal!! UK Magazine
Stunning 3D flight sim, with visuals to make your peepers pop out. Brilliant sensation of height and movement - you'll believe a game can fly.
Pilotwings est une énorme bouffée d’air frais, un jeu original qui tire pleinement partie des capacités techniques de la Super NES. Sa réalisation technique quasi irréprochable et sa prise en main instinctive en font un must pour tous les passionnés d’aéronautique, mais aussi pour les autres qui rêvent parfois d’avoir des ailes.
Pilotwings est une énorme bouffée d’air frais, un jeu original qui tire pleinement partie des capacités techniques de la Super NES. Sa réalisation technique quasi irréprochable et sa prise en main instinctive en font un must pour tous les passionnés d’aéronautique, mais aussi pour les autres qui rêvent parfois d’avoir des ailes.
WiiOfficial Nintendo Magazine
Admittedly the N64 version of Pilotwings improved on the formula but this SNES version is still a superb game and one of those classic pieces of Nintendo history that every fan should own. There's nothing else like it on Virtual Console.
SNESMean Machines
Nothing, absolutely nothing on any other home system even touches this for sheer jaw-dropping looks. The graphics are simply astonishing, with beautifully coloured backdrops which fade into the distance - just check out the screen shots. But what you can’t see is that everything moves completely and utterly smoothly. The feeling of ?being there? has never been stronger in a flying game. The sound effect help enhance that further, with realistic stereo wind effects and sampled plane and chopper engines adding to the atmosphere. The game is very challenging, and successfully gaining your licence on the final level is something that makes you feel genuinely proud. If you want to show people just how good the Super Famicom is, make sure you get this. You’ll be buying a superlative game in the process!
SNESThe DOS Spirit
Den store fordelen med spillet er at de ikke tillater deg å gå videre før du har mestret den relativt bratte læringskurven. Dette betyr at du har mange timer med spilling foran deg dersom du er av typen som ikke gir opp. Dersom du foretrekker at spillene skal være billig underholdning, er nok kanskje ikke spillet helt for deg, men med dagens teknologi er det også trivielt å finne kodene til de neste brettene. Jeg, for min egen del, tok utfordringen på strak arm. Med sertifiseringer til godt oppunder nesa og æresmedaljer for heroisk innsats er jeg godt fornøyd med egne prestasjoner, og derfor spør jeg deg; er du klar for å dras inn i politisk kamp mot onde syndikater og å slippe deg ut av fly med kun millimetertykk nylon som eneste hjelpemiddel for å forhindre at hjelmen bruker deg som beskyttelse mot å dundre rett i bakken?
SNESGame Informer Magazine
Have you ever dreamed of flying? Do you dare to take the first steps to earn your license? So begins this classic flight simulator that many received packed in with their SNES so many years ago.
Die Steuerung ist unkompliziert, die ansprechende Musikuntermalung paßt sich automatisch dem Geschehen auf dem Screen an, aber das Schönste ist die ruckelfrei gezoomte bzw. gedrehte Grafik mit ihren atemberaubenden 3D- Effekten. Trotz der schulmäßigen Aufmachung ist Pilotwings eher ein Spaß-Flugi als eine ernsthafte Simulation, aber das Feeling der einzelnen Fluggeräte kommt doch sehr schön rüber. Somit ist das Game ein heißer Tip für kühle Piloten, die noch nach einem Weihnachtsgeschenk suchen, zumal rechtzeitig zum Fest eine deutsche Version in den Software-Hangars stehen wird.
WiiNintendo Life
Pilotwings was always an odd title, sitting outside of the usual genres that gamers at the time would play and yet heralded to high heaven by those who chose to delve into its almost bottomless depths. Likewise it could appear to be calm and relaxing to those observing on the outside, while sometimes generating annoyance and pad-throwing frustration to those who took on the challenge. In a good way of course. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle of all of these points. If you haven't played the game before, now is a fine time to pick up the baton.
SNESPower Play
Beeindruckend, was Nintendo aus der eigenen Hardware herausholt: Schneller hat sich bisher noch bei keinem Spiel der Wohnzimmerpilot über detaillierte 3-D-Landschaften bewegt. Pilotwings ist keine Simulation, die Authentizität wurde zu Gunsten einfacher Bedienung und unkompliziertem Spielspaß weitgehend außer Acht gelassen. Darin liegt die Stärke des Spiels: ohne viel Übung erzielt man schnell gute Flugresultate und ein freundliches Grinsen vom Lehrer. Erfreulich, daß das bahnbrechende Fluggefühl (es wird stufenlos gezoomt und rotiert) in keinem reinen Kriegs-Szenario verbraten wurde.
SNESVideo Games
Pilot Wings sehen und staunen: Seiten habe ich etwas so Faszinierendes gespielt. Dank des 3-D-Spezialchips. der im Super Famicom schlummert, zoomt die 3-0-Grafik flüssig und pixelgenau. Hier kommt dank der tollen Grafik und der exzellenten Steuerung ein richtig schönes Fluggefühl auf. Dank der verschiedenen Missionen und dem stetig steigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad wird Pilot Wings nicht zu schnell langweilig und sorgt für gepflegte Unterhaltung.
SNESNintendo Power Magazine
Nintendo's Super NES flight-action game combines flying challenges from parachutes to airplanes, but the most impressive part of the game is how the graphics rotate and scale to give a very real feeling of flight.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Gerade wenn Ihr die Nase gestrichen voll haben solltet, vom immer gleichen Einerlei der lizensierten Jump&Run-Langeweile, greift unbedingt nach Pilotwings. Etwas Vergleichbares gibt es auf keiner anderen Videospielkonsole.
I still put this game high on my list of Super NES games – possibly even cracking my Top 10. I can easily see why it's obviously not everyone's cup o' tea, though, and I certainly respect Lucas' less than intense enthusiasm for the title. But it was, to me, a fantastic demonstration of the Super NES games that wrapped a great combination of relaxing gameplay and intense challenge around that tech demo.
SNESRetrogaming History
A distanza di anni Pilotwings risulta essere un titolo molto carino. Non sarà un mostro di profondità ludica, ma nel suo piccolo riesce con merito a dare ancora delle belle soddisfazioni sia per intrattenimento che per livello di sfida, veicolo di una buona rigiocabilità. L’obiettivo di ricreare la sensazione di lanciarsi nel vuoto è stato centrato e, cosa ancora più importante, è ancora fortemente palpabile.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Pilotwings features a lot of happy, upbeat music, but some tunes are irritating, like the "blah blah blah" song in the jet-pack stage. A six-digit password is provided between areas. Pilotwings is technically impressive and mildly addictive, but I can't imagine ever wanting to play it again once you beat it.