Pimania ZX Spectrum While the game loads this symbol is displayed. It flashes from yellow/black to black/yellow very fast


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You are a normal person, finding oneself in the strange world of Piland, a surreal place containing the secret of the wondrous Golden Sundial of Pi. After figuring out how to properly enter Piland, you must find clues to the Sundial's location, with the help (and hindrance) of the Piman, a strange little creature with distinct likes and dislikes. The Sundial is not actually in the game - it was the prize of a contest, won using the clues within the game.


Pimania ZX Spectrum The list of items available marks this as a non-standard adventure game
Pimania ZX Spectrum ... and the flashing text version of maniacal laughter.
Pimania ZX Spectrum This, believe it or not, is the first screen. It's also the game's first puzzle.
Pimania ZX Spectrum Entering numbers is different to entering North, South, East & West I suppose

Alternate Titles

  • "Pimania!" -- ZX81 in-game title

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The contest of the game leads players to a real-life location in the UK - reach this location at the time hinted at by the game, to win a sundial worth £6,000. For many years nobody solved it, and C&VG magazine alleged it to be a scam. Soon afterwards, Sue Cooper and Lizi Newman of Yorkshire solved the game, and Automata released the full solution showing how it had been done.

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