Previously included tables

While most of the tables have had their first adaptation on Pinball Arcade others were previously adapted on different games. Besides those included on the Pinball Hall of Fame collections, there's these ones:
  • Bally's Elvira and the Party Monsters was previously adapted for the 1992 Atari Lynx game Pinball Jam, alongside the Williams table Police Force
  • Bally's Creature from the Black Lagoon and Black Rose and Williams' Tales of the Arabian Nights were adapted on the 2001 PC game Williams Pinball Classics (not to be confused with the European name for the PHOF Williams collection, but coincidentally TotAN was included on the PS3/360 version of said game) alongside Bally's Lost World. This strangely enough makes TotAN the only Williams table on that collection.
  • Before its inclusion on this very game and on PHOF Williams, Pin*Bot was adapted into an NES game by Rare in the late eighties, which took some liberties by adding hazards not present on the original table as that would've been impossible in real life.
  • As with Pin*Bot, Williams' High Speed also saw an NES adaptation courtesy of Rare, which added more hazards as well as minigames.
  • Following from the earlier Pin*Bot and High Speed examples, the latter's successor, The Getaway: High Speed II, also saw a video game adaptation, albeit on Game Boy, developed by Unexpected Development. Unlike Rare's adaptations, this is a mostly straightforward version, with the only real addition being a racing minigame where you attempt to get to your hideout while dodging traffic and police.
  • Haunted House and Cue Ball Wizard were included in 1998's similarly titled Microsoft Pinball Arcade, with the latter being the sole table on that game's demo version.

Pro Mode

Starting with the seventh table pack on iOS and Android, FarSight has added a Pro Mode upgrade for select tables, starting with Scared Stiff, although this was also added to the earlier Tales of the Arabian Nights and Medieval Madness tables. This allows you to enter in the Operator's Menu for the respective table, letting you change the settings (which disables leaderboard posting and table goals until it's reset to the default settings). Pro Mode also has a Table View mode, letting you view around the table; an option to "control" the ball, and tips from professional pinball players. The PlayStation Network versions didn't get it until early February 2013, with the release of both Table Pack 7 and the Twilight Zone table.

Xbox 360 version

The Xbox 360 version hasn't been updated since late August 2012 due to publisher issues: that version's publisher, Crave Entertainment, alongside parent company Fillpoint, had gone into bankruptcy sometime later that year. Microsoft policies for Xbox LIVE Arcade releases do not allow developers to self-publish unless they're a company that does retail releases for the system, which is why FarSight couldn't do anything, and they have been trying nearly a year to gain back the contract they had with Crave so that it could be transferred to another publisher. However, on June 27th, 2013, all of the DLC available for that version had been delisted from the Xbox Marketplace, with the core game itself getting deleted on July 18th. It was later mentioned by a FarSight rep that this was due to Crave getting their publishing contract for Xbox 360 revoked by Microsoft, which means they won't be able to publish anything else. However, almost two years after its removal, both the core game and the three table packs saw a re-release on May 11th, 2015 alongside all current packs up until that point. Interestingly, Crave are still listed as publishers for that version.

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