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Advert in Zzap! (Issue 6 October 85 p66) – UK:


    Create your own computerised pinball game: Features:
    ► 5 games built-in.
    ► Over 24 different working parts like bumpers, chutes & flippers.
    ► 8 icon-driven commands: move, change shape, paint, magnify, change physics, change wiring of sounds & bonuses, save.
    ► Comprehensive manual.
    ► Joystick control.

    ◄ COMMODORE 64/128, ATARI 600/800XL & 130XE £14.95 APPLE II/II+/IIc/LLe, IBM PC/PCjr £19.95


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Unknown Source:
    Power. Pure, sheer, and unadulterated. A nearly telepathic link between you and the machine. here is the promise made good. Here is the reason why you bought a computer in the first place. It's been called the best program ever written for an 8-bit machine. Boot the disk and find out why.

    (The rest of the box advertising relies on references to a graphic, so consult the box covers to read the rest.)

    If you love bumpers (so do we), litter the board with them. Pump up their point value. Impress your friends.

    Want to change the laws of physics? Be our guest. Liven up the ball. Customize gravity. Thumb your nose at Newton.

    This alley's killing your score? Plug it up. Nothing says this game has to be difficult.

    Youv’e probably lost a lot of quarters wondering why there was only one pair of flippers. Well, there are a lot more where these came from. Help yourself.

    This is your hand inside the machine. It works through your joystick. It moves and changes things. It does everything but walk the dog.

    The magnifying glass lets you enlarge and alter every pixel on the screen. Wait till you see what the paintbrush does.

    Here's where you can sneak into the logic flow and really shake things up. Change the scoring. Change the music. Make strange things happen.

    There are five ready-made games on the disk. Use them for a quick pinball fix when you don’t have time to make your own.

    ABOUT OUR COMPANY: We're an association of electronic artists who share a common goal. We want to fulfill the potential of personal computing. That’s a tall order. But with enough imagination and enthusiasm we think there’s a good chance for success. Our products, like this program, are evidence of our intent. If you’d like to get involved. please write us at: Electronic Arts, 2755 Campus Drive. San Mateo, CA 94403.

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