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Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Selecting a table
Big Shot table
Big Shot - middle
Big Shot - bottom
Big Shot - top
Black Hole table
Black Hole - top bumpers
Black Hole - bottom
Black Hole - drop targets
Black Hole - black hole area
Ace High table
Ace High - top
Ace High - jackpot hole
Ace High - bottom
Ace High - spot targets
Ace High - right slingshot
Genie table
Genie - top
Genie - middle
Genie - bottom
Genie - extra flippers
Genie - bottom-left
Genie - score bonus hole
Central Park table
Central Park - top
Central Park - right slingshot
Central Park - bottom
Tee'd Off table
Tee'd Off - top ramp
Tee'd Off - drop targets
Tee'd Off - bottom
Tee'd Off - gopher hole
Tee'd Off - ramp
Victory loading screen
Victory table
Victory - ramp
Victory - bottom
Victory - top ramp
Victory - set of ramps