Pipe Dream Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Level 1
Level 5 sports a nifty tile background and fish that block the way.
The bonus scoring game.
Level 9

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Player one: Please press fire
Main menu
Starting level 1
The flooz is flowing. I better hurry.
I might be OK.
Starting level 2
Here we go.
Drat! Game over.
The high scores

Apple II version

Lucasfilm Games logo
Title screen
Building pipes...
The water nears the end of the line...
A bonus level
Fish and other oddities get in the way
Water begins to fill the pipes...
High-score table.

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
Level 1
High scores

Atari ST version

Title screen
The copy protection
Main menu
Starting level one
This is going fine
A broken tile makes this level a bit harder
Pipe Dreams meets Tetris
There is something fishy about this level
The high score table

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Title and High score screen
Level 1
Level 2 with 5 cross pieces
The bonus level
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10

Commodore 64 version

European title screen (as Pipe Mania)
US title screen (as Pipe Dream)
The High Scores table
The start of level one
The flooz is flowing through the pipe
Getting a level password.
Bonus stage.
Level 5 - Obstacles block your way.
Game Over!

DOS version

LucasFilm Games opening splash screen
Opening Screen by LucasFilm Games calls this Pipe Dream
Set-up Screen
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3 - Pass over the Wall
Level 10
Level 19, which sports a nifty looking green tiled background.
Level 23... Some hydrants are here as obstacles to block the path of your pipe laying.
Game Over
Title screen (CGA)
Building pipes (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
Building pipes (Hercules Monochrome)
Copy Protection.
High Scores.
2 Player mode.

Electron version

Loading screen
Title screen
Level one. Unfortunately the entire game is in Mode 4 (2 colours) throughout.
Level 13 with a reservoir and some one-way blocks
Level 13 complete with a level bonus awarded.
Game Over screen

Game Boy version

Copyright notice
Title screen: beat these high scores.
Level and BGM selection
Gameplay: intersections will yield extra points.
Stage summary and points gained.
Game over!

NES version

Bullet-Proof Software logo
Lucasfilm logo
Title screen
Building pipes
Earn bonus points for water that loops over itself
The bonus round
Running out of space

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
High scores for "NOMAL" rank
Game start

SNES version

Intro sequence, from a diving board into a pool
Title screen
Game select
Stage 1, distance 6
Stage 1, distance overkill
Clear! Also, you get 500 bonus points for each cross
Unused pieces will count as -100 points each
Stage 3, you can't put pieces on the metal plates
Course select.
Oh! No!

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
Level 1 in progress
Level 1 complete
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Main menu
Starting level 1 (from a random position)
Needing to replace the horizontal strip at the bottom quickly
Failed to do so
High scores
Building a sequence including 3 crossovers
Now having the unused pieces blown up and deducted
A complex network on level 3
Level 4 adds a blockade and two pass-through gaps in the wall
Starting the bonus game
False moves can't be undone, so there's no more I can do here