Pippa Funnell: The Golden Stirrup Challenge Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

This is displayed after the company logos and before the main title screen. Real horses are much more complex and less forgiving than the ones in the game
The title screen and main menu
These are the action keys used for the adventure sections of the game. They can be redefined if required.
The Training option from the main menu allows the player to select an event and a venue. Initially it is limited to the base location in Tuscany and can be played, hot-seat style by three players.
When setting up a new character the player name is limited to eight characters. The clothing can be changed but new clothing options have to be earned in competition
This is the horse selection screen in the Training section. Initially only the horse colour can be changed, other options have to be earned.
The training session starts with a flyby of the game's version of Tuscany. It gives a good idea of the standard of the game's artwork.
Dressage training. The player must press the correct keys as their symbol passes beneath the target. Various scores are displayed and the bar on the left is the horse's morale meter.
It the training session is not going well the player is encouraged to do better
At the end of the training session the players' scores are displayed.
A new game starts with an animated sequence in which Jade and Patrick vow to continue at the stirrups following the death of its founder
Flora's arrived. She crashed her scooter in the animated sequence and now, in the game proper, the player must rescue her in a timed event.
The player has three attempts to find Flora at the start of the game, if they fail it's Game Over
The player will see this screen quite a lot between sequences.