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Maxim Magazine (Jan 23, 2008)
Though the name may sound like a euphemism for a venereal disease your shell-shocked uncle may have contracted in Vietnam (as in, "Those Saigon whores gave the whole platoon a case of the pirates of the burning sea that required two cycles of equine-caliber antibiotics to cure"), it's actually SOE's—makers of EverQuest—latest, greatest MMO. Draw up your pirate avatar from scratch, then live the life of a swabbie, leveling up as you go. If you're tired of all the orcs and elves and magic-spell shit that is the norm in the genre, Pirates is the change of pace you're looking for. Pass the fucking rum.
Cheat Code Central (Feb, 2008)
With Pirates of the Burning Sea, you're in for the long haul, possibly a keelhaul. The premise is fueled by historical accuracy, so there is a lot of realism to the gameplay, yet this isn't just a game for nerds. It's deep, but the curve is gradual, which will accommodate a wide range of gamers. Alright now matey, you've heard enough, now off we ye.
Game Vortex (Feb 16, 2008)
The bar has been set by many good pirating games from the past. The fact it took this long to get a good pirate MMO out is a little surprising. You have everything you need to do a great game with already made up conflict, trade, and glory mongering. Merchants and economy play a huge role. There is plenty to craft. The possibilities as well as the expectations are huge, and to date I have not been disappointed. The measure of an MMO is hard and takes time, but this is off to a great start. I have high expectations when I revisit this game later. See you on the seas.
Gamigo (Apr 03, 2008)
Zunächst war ich skeptisch, dann erstaunt und nun begeistert. Um es vorweg zu nehmen: Ich halte PotBS für das schlichtweg beste MMO auf dem Markt, bei dem Erwachsene abseits von „Ich will geile Items“-MMOs wie World of Warcraft eine passende Heimat finden können. Darüberhinaus machen die etlichen See- und Landkämpfe nicht nur optisch einiges her, sie sind auch in den meisten Fällen alleine schaffbar, was für ein entspanntes MMO-Vergnügen nach der Arbeit geradezu perfekt wirkt. Und sollte man tatsächlich mal keine Lust auf Geballere haben, kümmert man sich um seine Produktionsketten, kauft und verkauft und sucht sich vielleicht noch eine gleichgesinnte Gesellschaft, mit der man Unruhe vor den Häfen feindlicher Nationen sorgen kann. PotBS ist kein WOW-Killer, dafür ist es zu speziell, aber man sollte dem Spiel eine Chance geben und einfach mal anspielen. Es lohnt sich.
Game Chronicles (Mar 07, 2008)
For a great MMO with so many features that you just aren’t a gamer if you can’t find something to entertain you in this one, you’d be silly not to at least try this one out for the 30 days free that comes with purchasing the game.
GameZone (Jan 30, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea is a grand adventure and one of the better ‘pirate’ genre games on the market. The player base is friendly, ready to help with questions. It is ripe for those who wish to roleplay, and it can be very challenging. There is quite a range of options in this game so players who are hankering for a little adventure on the high seas should be able to find plenty to do. The game has just started and there are a few problems here and there but nothing that makes the game unplayable or less enjoyable. And like any MMO, the game is going to grow and get much better as the player base begins to input suggestions. The masts are solid and the winds are blowing true on this game. This is a players’ game and rather enjoyable.
Game Shark (Feb 13, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea fundamentally gets it right--a great balance between economic and action that involves you in every aspect of the game without uncomfortably cramming it down your throat. The lack of innovation isn't what causes the game to suffer; instead, it's a bunch of minor nagging flaws that prevent it from being perfect. Still, in the end the thrilling ship combat and deep economic model thrusts the game into the upper tier of current MMOs.
IGN (Feb 12, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea is the perfect antidote to the proliferation of traditional MMOs. If you've already grown sick of elves and hot bars, Pirates will definitely offer up something you haven't quite seen before. It's highly original and it takes a lot of chances that pay off handsomely. The real time ship combat is awesome in its tactical complexity and the player economy is deeper than we've seen in just about any other game. Unfortunately, the sword combat feels tacked-on and really cramps our swashbuckling groove. With all that said, Pirates is one of those games that is likely to discourage gamers early on. And that's a real shame, because it's precisely the type of game that gets better the more you play it. In short, you're only going to get out of this one what you're willing to put into it, but it's well worth it if you can stick it out through that first confusing week or two.
YouGamers (Jan 25, 2008)
Surprisingly good effort for a pirate-themed MMO. Instead of a reskinned Everquest-derivative, we get some actual gameplay innovations. If you can get by the early shock of the poor character-based parts, the game does grow on you. Not bad, not bad at all.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb 27, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea mag zu Anfang Spieler verwirren, die von der Zugänglichkeit eines World of Warcraft verwöhnt sind. Denn alles geht ein wenig langsamer vonstatten, Seeschlachten brauchen einfach ihre Zeit. Und freies Erkunden von Arealen im klassischen Sinn gibt es (noch) nicht. Wer sich dennoch aufs Seefahrerleben einlässt, erlebt ein jetzt schon sehr gut funktionierendes und komplexes Online-Rollenspiel. Für die rechte Motivation sorgen allein schon die tollen Schiffe. Der Moment, als ich meinen ersten richtigen Pott (eine "van Hoorn" Schnau für schlappe 17.000 Dublonen) erstand und damit ein paar Piraten aufmischte, die mich ein paar Minuten vorher noch mit einem Husten versenkt hätten, war unfassbar großartig! Aaaarrrrrr!
81 (Jun 11, 2008)
Cuando uno juega a POTBS se convierte, por unas horas, en capitán de barco, surcador de los mares y azote de los enemigos. La lástima de todo esto es que para conseguir que este juego nos deleite cada vez que nos conectemos debemos echarle muchas horas de aprendizaje, sobre todo en la parte económica, para poder disfrutar al completo de la experiencia que se nos ofrece; y nadie está libre de que el tedio y la desidia le visiten mientras juega. A grandes rasgos este análisis se torna suficiente para saber si Pirates of the Burning Sea será nuestro próximo MMORPG, pero queda mucho por descubrir en la grandiosidad del mar Caribe, en el año 1720 y con mucho oro y poder a nuestro alcance. Y si lo nuestro no es la navegación siempre podremos darle a la botella de ron; o de grog, a gusto del consumidor.
81 (Mar 21, 2011)
Thanks to its complexity, especially for a free-to-play MMO, Pirates of the Burning Sea is a title worthy of your attention, even if you're not fans of pirate adventures.
80 (Feb 28, 2008)
Das hätte ich nicht gedacht: Pirates of the Burning Sea fesselt mich in fast allen Bereichen, auch wenn es seine Längen und Täler hat. Aber das Spielgefühl ist gerade zu beginn ein erhabenes: Mit der eigene Fahne am Heck und qualmenden Kanonen durch das Meer zu pflügen und dabei Breitseite um Breitseite auf Feinde zu schießen, das sieht nicht nur klasse aus, sondern macht einfach Spaß! Hinzu kommen die taktischen Kämpfe: Gegen andere Spieler anzutreten ist aufregender als in jedem anderen Online-Rollenspiel, da hier wirklich einmal das Denken, Vorausplanen und Geschick belohnt werden! Ein großes Leck droht aber den Spielspaß zu versenken: die drohende Langeweile nach Erreichen des höchsten Rangs, denn allzu viel Abwechslung darf man auf hoher See nicht erwarten.
Gamernode (Feb 08, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea does some things right, and some things wrong. It features a depth of gameplay not often found in typical MMOs, and while its steep learning curve may turn off a few gamers early on, eventually things fall into place and one gets the hang of things. Ship combat gets better and better, players can get into a sort of questing groove, and working to influence the shape of the virtual world becomes highly engaging. The incentive to play and grow as a character jumps way up, and you have a winner on your hands. Just kill whoever made the map.
Hooked Gamers (Jan 26, 2008)
With all that said, Pirates of the Burning Seas is a welcome change of pace to the MMO world. This title will attract many players with diverse interests ranging from hardcore Player vs. Player, to character grinding, to playing with a live economy. There is a little something for every kind of player waiting in this swashbuckling version of 1720. With a little time and polish, the handful of minor bugs can be worked out and the full potential of this title may finally be realized.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jan 24, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea is a very, very deep game. There’s PvP for those who want it; trading, crafting, and a detailed economy for the would-be barons of the sea; and the kind of strategic and dynamic combat that will appeal to gamers who just can’t get into the typically boring MMO function key combat system. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a game with amazing depth, this is it.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 25, 2008)
With a lack of cruel death penalties, corpse-runs, or other silly MMO mechanics, Pirates does enough differently that it’s easy to recommend to hardcore online gamers. It’s a better deal, though, for people who haven’t played a large MMORPG before. A growing community, a solid game, and an exciting premise will keep players fighting for a chunk of the Caribbean for ages to come. Draw your swords and prepare your hard-drive for boarding, because Pirates of the Burning Sea is a game with sea legs. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a steady launch for a potentially fantastic online experience.
Avid Gamer (Jan 22, 2008)
PotBS will not pull the hordes playing World of Warcraft over to its game, but then again, I doubt that the developers ever had that aim in mind. Flying Lab Software wanted to make a unique pirate based MMO with naval combat and all the trappings that accompany the genre and they’ve done just that. It’s got a distinctive economy (where players create everything for sale by producing through owned plots), in-depth and rewarding combat and a customization system of limitless possibilities. It’s only just the beginning but PotBS is looking like it’s found which X marks the spot.
In der Summe der Dinge ist es aber ein gutes Spiel geworden, das zwar bisher noch wesentlich weniger Features bietet, als der ältere Konkurrent Bounty Bay Online, dafür aber allein durch die Aufmachung und dem herrschenden Konkurrenzkampf glänzen kann. Potential ist auf jeden Fall vorhanden und die Basis sehr solide. Ob ihr mitspielen möchtet oder nicht, bleibt aber eure ganz eigene Entscheidung, denn ein Seekampf ist nun mal von Natur aus etwas träger und taktischer angelegt und erfordert des Öfteren eine ordentliche Portion Geduld, um erfolgreich davonzusegeln. Süchtig macht es allemal! In diesem Sinne: Yoho yoho, Piraten haben's gut!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar, 2008)
PotBS is een zeer originele MMORPG en een must voor waterratten. Het is wel minder geschikt voor avontuur op land.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2008)
If you're looking for an MMOG that offers instant rewards, you will probably find Pirates of the Burning Sea's learning curve daunting, but it's worth getting the hang of, because the game showers you with gifts the more you play it. Here is, finally, an online RPG that takes the grand-scheming economics and PVP of EVE and shrinks it into a manageable form, without forcing you to sacrifice the joy of exciting combat in the process. If you've been looking for something a little bit different and a lot more complex than the usual fare, you should give Pirates of the Burning Sea a good, hard look.
GameSpy (Feb 01, 2008)
The steep learning curve for Pirates of the Burning Sea is a shame, because underneath that crusty exterior is a brilliant naval combat game and one of the more interesting economic models ever introduced to the online gaming scene. If you've got salt-water in your veins and love classic tales of sea adventure, this title is absolutely worth looking into.
Video Game Talk (Jan 29, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea is an excellent MMO on nearly all counts, but suffers from a shockingly huge learning curve. Expect many hours dedicated to learning how to effectively sail a ship as well as a lengthy amount of time studying the economy. Also, try to bear with the strange hand to hand combat system until it gets streamlined. At the moment, it's a garbled mess that's tough to understand. Is PotBS worth the initial $50 investment and $15 a month fee? That really depends how much you want to play as a pirate, I suppose. For those who love strategic battles, enjoy crafting and are searching for a unique MMO to play, Pirates might just be up your alley.
Gamezoom (Mar 04, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea ist für mich ein ganz neues MPORG, doch ich bin positiv überrascht von der neuen Art der Schlachten. Ich habe eine wenig Eingewöhnungszeit gebraucht, doch nach den ersten paar Levels fühlte es sich bereits an wie ein jahrelang vertrautes Spiel. Die Seeschlachten sind eine gute Idee und wurden wunderbar in das Spiel umgesetzt. Ich freue mich schon meinen Charakter mehr auszubauen und die Herrschaft über die sieben Weltmeere zu übernehmen.
Game Watcher (Feb 08, 2008)
There’s no doubt that Flying Lab have created the best online sea-faring adventure there is for players to get their fix of the Caribbean with such a large, intricate and growing community. Battling in the name of empires has stirred up some fierce patriotism and its fun to defend or lay siege for the glory of your nation. The biggest flaws are the UI and lack of a robust tutorial system which is enough to cripple interest and morale of a new player. There’s so much action on offer and an economic model just waiting for overzealous accountants to wrestle with that it’s still worth the unfortunate confusion in the beginning. Pirates of the Burning Sea is definitely worth a good long sail for anyone in love with the Caribbean of the 18th century. Way anchor and claim your fortune, ship by ship, port by port – just don’t forget your parrot.
78 (Jan 26, 2011)
Pirates of the Burning Sea è un titolo sicuramente unico, in grado di offrire qualcosa di diverso all'interno di un genere dominato da World of Warcraft e nel quale l'originalità spesso non viene premiata. Se finora PotBS era confinato nel proprio sistema di pagamento, la scelta del freemium è l'evoluzione naturale di un titolo che tutti gli appassionati di giochi di ruolo online dovrebbero quantomeno provare, per passare un po' di tempo che sia diverso dall'ammazzare dieci murloc per avanzare di livello. Le meccaniche di gioco offrono un sistema complesso che potrà sicuramente finire per scoraggiare qualcuno, in quanto come detto nel corpo della recensione necessita di un periodo d'apprendimento sicuramente più elevato rispetto alla norma. Se si riesce ad avere pazienza, però, PotBS è in grado di offrire grandi soddisfazioni sia ai giocatori più casuali che ai cosiddetti hardcore. Per di più ora anche a costo zero, almeno nei suoi contenuti base.
Pirates of the Burning Sea is geen spek naar ieders bek. Het spel volgt compleet andere lijnen dan klassieke MMO's a la World of Warcraft, en mag je best vergelijken als een grafisch weinig indrukwekkende crossover van Eve Online en Sid Meiers' Pirates. Voor heel wat spelers die genoeg hebben van elfjes en papier-steen-schaar gevechten, biedt Pirates of the Burning Sea wel een verfrissend nieuwe ervaring, die in combinatie met spannende PvP en RvR hopelijk een lang leven beschoren is.
Ten Ton Hammer (Dec 08, 2010)
Pirates of the Burning Sea combines political intrigue, supply side economics and wood splintering combat into a complex package of mischief and mayhem. Players who enjoy detail oriented gaming and are looking for a deeper experience than killing 10 rats to get some new gear will find plenty here to hold their interest. Even the more casual minded gamer will find some fun and entertaining moments to keep them engaged. While it’s not a perfect game or one for the masses, it’s refreshing to see a niche game that employs elements that can appeal to so many players without being a carbon copy of every other MMOG on the market.
Game Revolution (Jan 22, 2008)
All of this makes Pirates of the Burning Sea a unique hybrid of plundered gameplay elements. It doesn't manage to actually improve upon its MMORPG parents, but if you've become tired of space lasers or elf wizards, Burning Sea is easily the most interesting new game in town. In the long run, it will be the complex economy and the faction warfare that will determine the success of this ocean venture.
PC Gamer (Feb 21, 2008)
I'd be mad to recommend Pirates of the Burning Sea to everyone; it's so fundamentally flawed that most gamers are going to simply bounce right off it. If you're going to try it out, be aware of its faults. I very nearly gave up after just a few hours. I'm very glad I didn't.
70 (Jan 31, 2008)
We're concerned the on-foot combat won't keep many experienced MMO players hooked for long - the best bit about the game is the ship to ship battles. You'll find yourself anxious to set sail and explore the seas rather than run errands on foot for NPCs. And really no other MMO offers anything like it. Newcomers might find things a little too complex, but PC gamers who have experience with these types of games should be rewarded for their efforts.
games xtreme (Jan 27, 2008)
All issues aside, the game is lots of fun. And I have no doubt that Flying Lab Software will soon come with a patch that will improve the game interface a lot. And besides that there are lots of features even they themselves can't wait to get in the game. The forecasts look promising though and I hope to report on that when time is due, telling you tales about my adventures in the Caribbean.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Feb 12, 2008)
Pirates of the Burning Sea has perhaps one of the steepest learning curves in an MMO to date, but with its strong implementation of dynamic economies, sea combat, and swashbuckling, it provides more than enough reward for player perseverance. An interesting and original alternative to what's already on offer from SOE and its rivals, Pirates has a clear run to becoming a cult title in the MMO world.
Good Game (Mar 03, 2008)
Well it looks like the real question is, can you deal with the early problems of an MMO to enjoy the great stuff it has to offer. For me, that’s a yes, and I think Pirates deserves points for making a new kind of MMO, without the tanks, healers, and grind quests we’ve seen a hundred times before. I’m giving it 7/10 swashbuckling chickens.
DarkZero (Mar 27, 2008)
Honestly, I feel that Pirates of the Burning Sea is too much of a niche title to truly have a pop at World of Warcraft’s world champion status, but it’s almost a certainty that Flying Lab Software knew this from the start, instead concentrating on creating a unique entry in the genre. It is by no means the best MMORPG available, but despite its flaws, it is probably the most fun you can have with online piracy this side of
Gaming Nexus (Feb 28, 2008)
Half brilliance, half blunder, Pirates of the Burning Sea sets players up with a boutique online experience rife with piracy, privateering, national pride, cutthroat commerce, user-generated content, conquerable ports, and a highly-listenable musical score. Hopefully Flying Lab hasn’t fully etched the avatar combat in stone since it requires rework far beyond “tweaking,” although the nautical combat is so good that on its own it renders PotBS as a must-play experience.
1UP (Mar 11, 2008)
Sony's Station Pass holders will definitely want to try this one out. It may or may not grab you immediately, but that's why you need to stick to your cannons. It's an acquired taste. And for die-hard pirate fans, it's the only MMO that offers eye patches and peg legs as rewards. What are you waiting for?
60 (UK) (Apr 11, 2008)
In the ship combat, the depth of the trading, the spectacle of mass PVP, and the fine period detail - (the lovely music, the animated colour of the towns, the crew scrambling over the rigging of your ship) - Pirates of the Burning Sea is a highly specialised, but highly seductive game. It's a hobbyist's paradise. Unfortunately, you'll need to be a hobbyist to put up with its many serious flaws. The minority that are prepared to lose themselves in it will be handsomely rewarded.
RPGamer (Jun 03, 2008)
Pirates is a game where the flaws simply cannot overcome the perks. While there's a lot of potential for the game, the majority has yet to be tapped. While Flying Labs has already begun to make improvements, some of the problems are inherent to the game and cannot be corrected. For players who don't mind racing to the maximum level to seek intense PvP battles, this game comes with a tentative recommendation. Anyone who prefers PvE content and does not enjoy the PvP aspect of MMORPGs, steer clear of these stormy seas.
Overall - I had a rough start the PotBS and I never recovered from just feeling lost and being unsure of what to do or where to go. I would have stopped playing sooner, but I forced myself to continue because I wanted to at least try out everything that I could for this review. Some aspects of the game are really good and if you are into the genre or pirates and sailing ships, then you will make the extra effort required, and I expect you will fall in love with this game. PvP and ship combat are the real strengths here, with the land-based MMO play that is standard most places taking a big back seat. Plan your voyage accordingly.
Good Game (Mar 03, 2008)
It kinda makes me appreciate Lord of the Rings Online even more Baj. It was an MMO, finished, polished, AND released on time. Truly, a modern day miracle. But Pirates is a game in two halves. And while the naval combat is extremely impressive, the rest of the game is not something I would want to spend my time in. At least not yet, I’m giving it 5.5/10 scurvy chickens.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2010)
(Free to play version)
Pirates of the Burning Sea ist kein Grafikbrett, aber ein ungewöhnliches MMO mit einem eigenen Charme, das viel Eigeninitiative und Planung fordert, ähnlich wie Eve Online. Wer dazu bereit ist, wird lange Spaß an dem Programm haben.