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Gives Use for the Word Turd Genesis ResidentHazard (3251)
Like a bad Xerox copy, this port amplifies the flaws in the original. Lynx Trixter (8730)
Yes it is bad but it started the whole digitized live actor trend DOS gametrader (229)
At the very bottom of the pit DOS Zovni (9344)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 9 2.8
Amstrad CPC 4 3.6
Arcade 5 3.9
Atari ST 7 3.1
Commodore 64 5 3.4
DOS 18 2.4
Game Boy 8 2.3
Genesis 14 2.7
Lynx 8 2.5
SEGA Master System 8 2.4
SNES 12 2.2
ZX Spectrum 5 3.2
Combined MobyScore 103 2.7

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GenesisGamePro (US)
Pit-Fighter uses digitization to reproduce sound and graphics that are as awesome as those in the arcade version. In fact, we've never heard as much digitized sound from a Genesis game before, and every character (right down to the cheering crowd) sports moves and poses that are loaded with realism. If you want outrageous two-player, simultaneous action, step into the pit with Pit-Fighter.
Atari STAtari ST User
Amazingly though, after a few hours play you don't notice the graphical glitches and start to really get into the business of all-out brawling. So there you have it. A refreshingly simple beat-'em-up that gets better the more you play it, Pitfighter is just like a jacuzzi - fun on your own, but even better with someone else.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User
I was impressed with Pit-Fighter's superb graphics when it was first released and at this budget price it really is a stylish steal.
Atari STThe One for ST Games
Control over the fighters is very nice indeed, although the action tends to slow down at stages when there are several large sprites on screen at once. Providing you're not of a squeamish disposition, you'll find this an entertaining and playable beat 'em up.
GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
This conversion retains the digitised graphics, but gone is the impressive scaling. The graphics are actually very nice, with reasonably slick animation and nice backgrounds. The music between screens is alright and there's a good bit of sampled speech and girlie screams. Ultimately, it's a bit too easy, but this doesn't matter if you play it with a friend. A reasonable beat 'em up, but Streetfighter it ain't.
GenesisMean Machines
There's no sprite scaling, the characters are small and the animation isn't great, but this conversion of the Pitfighter coin-op is a laugh to play. The gameplay is horribly violent, and there are plenty of special moves to master. One of the best aspects I found was that each of the opponents has his or her own individual characteristics, so you have to adopt a new strategy on each round. The sheer number of skill levels is also a big plus point, meaning that both novice and expert beat 'em up fans alike can find plenty of challenge! If you're after a bit of mindless violence, give this a go!
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Graphically, Pitfighter is very good - not as awesome as the coin-op. but not far off with massive, reasonably smoothly animated characters. Special mention must go to the sprite scaling, which works remarkably well, helping in no small way to capture the feel of the arcade original. The same is true of the sound - with plenty of "oof's and urgh's and a cracking tune. Where Pitfighter can be found lacking is in its control. It takes what seems like ages for the characters to respond to your joystick movements and sometimes they don't do anything at all! Having said that, you learn to anticipate movements and get the shot in before your enemy can do anything and it's at this point that Pitfighter becomes a satisfying, if not completely accurate. conversion of a fabulous coin-op.
Commodore 64Commodore Format
Treat Pit Fighter as a straightforward beat-em-up, forgetting the game's roots, and it ain't bad. You'll find an entertaining challenge well worth consideration for Christmas.
LynxGame Zero
Not that long ago there was this great fighting game, Pit Fighter. Before the Glory of Street Fighter 2, Pit Fighter was king of the hill. Then they decided to bring it to the home market. This proved to be a big mistake. No one could translate it right, and although the graphics were intact the gameplay didn't even come close to that of the arcade's. Now, on the company that put out the arcade game's machine, the Lynx, the game comes out in its best form. While it is true that the graphics are not as good as some of the other home systems, the game play is excellent. The button combos necessary to play are the only draw-back. Pit Fighter is definitely an excellent game, but my worry is that Atari waited to long to release it, since the mention of Pit Fighter is almost nothing now that Street Fighter is king of the hill.
AmigaAmiga Action
When it was at the arcades, Pitfighter was a reasonable success but tended to rely on digitised graphics and good looks rather than highly addictive gameplay. When it appeared in the office I was rather sceptical of the its appeal. Well, I wasn't wrong. While it is quite close to the arcade original and has only lost a little speed, it does get rather tedious after an hour or so of playing. Unless you are a big fan of beat'em-ups I cannot recommend this to you. There are far better games of this type around.
ArcadeGénération 4
Très violent, avec des adversaires très étranges, Pit Fighter est au premier abord surprenant, tant on dirait un film, avec ses mouvements d'écran fabuleux et la rapidité de l'action. Il plaira à tous ceux qui aiment les jeux de "baston", mais avec un regret tout de même... l'animation des personnages est très saccadée, ce qui est bien dommage ! Une bonne idée, mais une réalisation qui peut être améliorée.
Game BoyN-Force
It's a 100% improvement on the SNES version and far better than I'd imagined. One to keep an eye out for, but don't rush out and buy it!
GenesisPlayer One
Sega tente le pari d'adapter la borne d'arcade Pit-Fighter sur console. Entièrement digitalisé, le résultat me laisse mi-figue, mi-raisin.
You won't hear me say that Pit-Fighter is a classic game, only that is not as bad as is often stated, and that it's quite amusing to play once in a while. Overall, despite or maybe thanks to its shortcomings, Pit-Fighter is an enjoyable fighting game for those looking for some unpretending button bashing. Players looking for something with more depth are advised to look elsewhere.
Game BoyGame Zero
I was surprised with the quality of this GameBoy title. With some of the best GameBoy graphics to date and arcade style control, it was a sound package. A third button was missing, but this certainly didn't detract from the game. It may not be Street Fighter II, but it is none-the-less excellent in its own right.
AmigaAmiga Power
Interesting and distinctive looking beat-'em-up converted well to the Amiga - unfortunately the basic game is too limited (and hard to control) for it to really add up to very much.
Pese a todo, Pit Fighter no llega al extremo de suspender en alguno de sus apartados, poco trabajados, pero aceptables al fin y al cabo. Ahora bien, si unimos piezas mediocres, el resultado final es un producto que puede ser calificado de pasable en sus mejores momentos.
Commodore 64Commodore Format
Strictly beat-em-up fans only for this game I'm afraid. Everybody else (and especially historians) ought to steer well clear.
GenesisPower Play
Grafisch wäre mehr drin gewesen; der knackige Sound entschädigt aber für teilweises Pixelgewirr. Auf den grandiosen Zoommodus, wie ihn beispielsweise die Amiga-Version bietet, wurde leider verzichtet. Das Spiel selbst macht jedoch nach wie vor Spaß, vor allem zu zweit. Wer das ewige "nach-rechts-Gerenne" bei Prügelspielen satt hat und mal "sportlich" Leute verhauen will, sollte zugreifen.
AmigaPower Play
Den internationalen Trubel um den "Pit-Fighter"-Automaten konnte ich nie ganz verstehen. Mir sind Comic-Helden à la "Final Fight" lieber als die gewöhnungsbedürftigen Digi-Gestalten; ansonsten bot der Atari-Hit sowieso keinerlei Neuerungen. Auch auf die Amiga-Version trifft diese Grundsatzkritik zu - wenn auch nicht ganz so schwerwiegend. Mehr Spaß als viele andere Heimprügeleien macht die Umsetzung allemal. Die Digi-Gestalten sind beinahe 1:1 übernommen; was auf teurer Automatenhardware mickrig wirkt, sieht auf dem Amiga schon wesentlich spektakulärer aus. Nachdem man nicht ständig Markstücke aus der Hosentasche fischen muß, entwickelt sich das Gerangel schnell zu einem Mordsspaß. Langfristig bietet mir Pit-Fighter jedoch zu wenig Abwechslung.
Commodore 6464'er
Pit-Fighter zeigt sich als ordentlich spielbares Kampfsportspiel. Vor allem Anhänger von van Damme oder Seagle werden ihre Freude haben.
AmigaAmiga Format
A brave conversion that almost comes off. Graphics initially look dire but closer inspection reveals attention to detail. Becomes uncontrollable at times. Two-player simultaneous play shows the game at its best. Fun, but no classic, Pit-fighter’s one for the curious only.
SNESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Einfach nur brutaler Spaß, mit diesem Werbeslogan versehen gelangte Pit Fighter über die Spielhallen und diverse Heimcomputer jetzt auch in Nintendos Edelkonsole. Die komplett digitalisierte Grafik ist ganz nett anzuschauen, solange sie sich nicht bewegt. Beginnen die Sprites sich zu rühren, wird das Elend offenbar: ruckelnde Animationen, wohin man schaut. Die Sounduntermalung ist zwar besser gelungen, macht aber aus dieser ziemlich faden Prügelei, die vor mindestens ebenso eintönigen Hintergründen stattfindet, kein gutes Spiel.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
The controls aren't the most responsive and the collision detection is erratic, but there's still enough technique to maintain your attention and keep you mashing away. The indecipherable voice samples add unintentional humor, and isn't that really the best kind? Three continues are available, and you'll need them all if you want any chance of finishing the game. I remember old buddies Steve and Brendan playing Pit Fighter in my room when I was still living at home, and they got a real kick out of it. Brendan loved to mock the game and then ask, "How much did you pay for this Dave?"
Commodore 64Power Play
Grafik und Sound mußten auf dem C 64 ordentlich Federn lassen, die Sprites sind klein und farblich eher trist gehalten - trotzdem macht das Spiel noch Spaß.
Atari STPower Play
Obwohl der grafische Gesamteindruck (große Digi-Schläger-Sprites) dem Amiga-Pit-Fighter das Wasser reichen kann, kommt das düstere Haudrauf-Feeling nicht ganz so lecker rüber. In die Pit-Zone zu steigen, macht immer mal wieder Spaß.
Commodore 64Zzap!
The novelty of fighting dirty soon wears off due to repetitive, unskilful action. The unintelligent opponents aren't much of a challenge and after a few samey pits, it becomes tedious. Not quite the pits, but a dull, unambitious conversion of the coin-op.
Atari STMicro News
Pourquoi ce jeu est aussi mal noté? Tout simplement parcequ'il est injouable. Même en changenat de joystick, le résultat reste navrant, les commandes trop imprécises. Vous pouvez déconner à 2, c'est tout aussi catastrophique qu'en solo mais on rigole un peu plus. Intérêt 2/5. Graphismes 3/5. Son 3/5. Animation 3/5.
Game BoyDigital Press - Classic Video Games
No, you really shouldn't expect much from this game on the Game Boy. However, when the Master System manages to pull off a surprisingly decent game of "Pit Fighter," so can the Game Boy. This one lies firmly with the developer.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Für kurzfristigen Prügelspaß ist Pit-Fighter also allemal gut, aber sobald die Gegner abgezockt sind, wandert die Disk halt schnell in die wohlverdiente Vergessenheit.
DOSPower Play
Die PC-Umsetzung von Domark's "Pit-Fighter" bringt lange nicht so viel Prügelspaß rüber wie die Amiga-Version. Die Sprites sind groß, aber dem VGA-Standard unwürdig. Selbst die Hintergrundgrafiken sind farbloser als auf dem Amiga. Die träge Steuerung läßt ein freudiges Verhauen Eurer Gegner ins Unmögliche abgleiten.
SEGA Master SystemSega Power
Some games are destined for greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them - this is neither!
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Wie in den anderen Versionen auch, ist im Mega Drive Pit-Fighter alles enthalten, was den Spielhallen-Automaten ausmachte: Zwei-Spieler-Option, reichlich Kampftricks und komplett digitalisierte Grafik. Was fehlt, ist leider der Spielspaß, der mag sich in der rüden Keilerei nicht so recht einstellen, da leider weder die Grafik (ruckelige Bewegungsablaufe, matschige Farben, phantasielose Hintergründe und immer dasselbe Publikum) noch das Spielgeschehen (ungenaue Steuerung und ärgerliche logische Fehler) so recht halten, was das „Sega Seal of Quality“ verheißt.
SNESGamePro (US)
Although the digitized graphics and sound effects are almost identical to the Arcade and the Genesis versions, the moves, unfortunately, aren't. While each character's basic moves can be performed with relative ease, the quest for the much needed super moves is a bit of a drag. Guess the third time isn't always a charm.
Atari STAtari ST User
Graphically the game is far from impressive - dodgy looking sprites flickering around on even dodgier backgrounds. There are a good number of moves to make, it's true, but when success or failure hinges on what amounts to guesswork, this in my book makes the whole affair a bit of a turkey.
LynxMega Fun
Pit-Fighter war auf allen bisherigen Konsolen noch kein besonders gutes Spiel. Das Lynx macht da keine Ausnahme. Die Grafik ist zwar schön digitalisiert, aber die Kämpfer sind, vor allem, wenn sie weiter hinten im Ring kämpfen, schwer zu erkennen. Der Sound ist, Pit-Fightertypisch, ziemlich übel. Zum Spielprinzip kann ich nur sagen: Joypad-Hämmern bis zum Gehtnichtmehr ist angesagt, so daß der Ausgang eines Kampfes oft nur vom Glück abhängt. Außerdem bietet das Modul keinerlei Abwechslung. Ein Special Move pro Kämpfer ist wohl auf die Dauer etwas zu wenig. Für Prügel-Fans, gerade zu zweit. trotzdem noch interessant, alleine dagegen ver
A game that doesn't have an adjustable difficulty level and kills off players in the first few seconds ain't much cop. Presentation's very limited too, with only a few character selection graphics. Pit Fighter is a cart I would not buy.
Commodore 64Commodore Force
A conversion that should never have been attempted. The novel arcade original used digitized graphics of real people as it's selling point, of which the '64 version is stripped. As a result, it's a tedious, unresponsive and unplayable beat-em-up with very little that will appeal for anyone.
Maus und Stick sind zwar im Ring zugelassen, erweisen sich jedoch als äußerst undankbar, lediglich das Keyboard bietet eine faire Chancc, gegen die acht Co,putergegner zu bestehen. Doch die Mühe lohnt kaum: Einzig der Zoomeffekt ist recht ordentlich gelungen, ansonsten ist die Mixtur aus Digi und Pixel-Grafik grobkörnig und schwach animiert, Musik und Geräusche sind kaum der Rede wert.
Es mag ja Menschen geben, die mit Pit Fighter tatsächlich etwas anfangen können, aber ich gehöre sicher nicht zu dieser Gruppe. Zwar mag der Titel mit einer Reihe von Moves aufwarten, jedoch kann man diese kaum einsetzen, denn durch die hirnlose Art der CPU anzugreifen erübrigt sich nahezu jede Taktik und es reicht einfaches Buttonsmashing aus um die Kämpfe für sich zu entscheiden. So wirkt der Titel eintönig und dröge auf Dauer. Einziger Lichtblick ist hier der Zweispielermodus über Comlynx Kabel, in dem man dann ansatzweise die Moveliste ausnutzen kann. Ansonsten bleibt ein Spiel, das man vielleicht einmal ausprobiert, aber doch nach kurzer Zeit nur in die Ecke stellt.
LynxDigital Press - Classic Video Games
This remains the one of two portable versions (the other being on the Game Boy). It's not worth it for fans, or for curiosity. The title's chances were excellent, but the developer's intentions of making a perfect port are lost on the gameplay.
LynxThe Video Game Critic
The game is fairly easy, but getting stuck against the side of the screen exposes you to a barrage of cheap hits. Once you win a match, the screen flashes an odd congratulatory message like "Awesomely done" or "Totally studly". The prize money that accumulates around your feet looks more like a green puddle. Pit Fighter is no prize, but all things considered, this is a respectable version of a mediocre fighter.
SNESPower Play
Einziger grafischer Lichtblick in dieser Prügelei: die bunten Sprites. Die Hintergründe dagegen könnten auch vom C64 stammen (triste Farblosigkeit). Spielerisch gleitet Pit-Fighter in die dunkelsten Schaltkreise ab: Die Gegner reagieren zu schnell bzw. zu gut - nach ungefähr zwei Minuten hat auch das Sprite des größten Joypad-Künstlers sein Lebenslicht ausgeblasen. Zudem gibt's dermaßen wenig Schläge (bei zehn verfügbaren Tasten!), daß selbst unterbemittelte Prügelspiele gegen diese Pit-Fighter-Umsetzung goldig dastehen. Fazit: Der definitiv schlechteste Pit-Fighter - Hände weg!
LynxDefunct Games
But the game isn't that much fun. Even multiplayer, the game just isn't fun at all. The one player mode just has you going through each stage fighting similar enemies in similar environments. It's just a damn bore. The graphic presentation on the Lynx is good, but doesn't make up that the game NEVER looked good. This game isn't recommended at all.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Pourtant, il faut bien avouer que l'on éprouve un plaisir malsain à jouer à ce jeu, plaisir fugace ne durant que le temps de le finir soit en moins de 10 minutes. L'envie de remettre le couvert ne revient jamais et on a vite fait de le ranger sur une étagère, jusqu'à ce qu'un beau jour vous vous disiez: "pourquoi ne pas essayer ce truc, histoire d'apporter un peu de piment dans notre vie. Il faut savoir tenter de nouvelles expériences, revenir à notre côté primitif ". Pas sûr que ma femme apprécie..... :D
GenesisAll Game Guide
Forgettable characters with generic fighting moves combined with sloppy controls does not a good game make. If not for the rowdy crowd, the graphic violence, and the grunts and groans, this game would have absolutely no personality whatsoever. Play a game of Pit-Fighter right after a couple of rounds of Mortal Kombat II, and you'll jerk it out of your Genesis and throw it to the floor in disgust.
SEGA Master SystemVideo Games
So gehört Pit Fighter zu den schlechtesten Master System Modulen: Spielerisch grausam, grafisch armselig und dafür viel zu teuer.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Wow. The Genesis version of Pit Fighter served its purpose, but as far as I can tell this one has no purpose.