Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Introduction sequence
Title screen
Start of the first scenario
Attacking a snake with my knife.
The climbing animations look incredibly smooth.
Flying through the air on a vine.
These rubber plants launch you into the air.
Hiding in the foilage.

Genesis version

Title screen
Through the swamps...
Waterfall level
Not a very good jump...
Pushing the mine cart...
Monsters on the floor
Temple corridors
I don't like what is behind that wall...
Drown in rainforest
Jumping on rocks and crocodiles
Killed by a white flying creature
Down in the cart!
Another temple
Ugly faces
Fighting a Mayan guy
Killed by a VERY big guy

Jaguar version

Copyright screen
Opening story
Title screen
Crack that whip!
Kinda makes you want to do the Tarzan yell.
Watch out for that TREEEEE!

SEGA 32X version

Title screen.
Intro: Harry sen. gets kidnapped outside.
Some instructions at the beginning
Sand pits mean instant death
Vine swinging
These plants continuously shoots darts in several directions.
The first boss is a cat of prey.
The path between the different stages is shown on a map.
At the waterfall

SEGA CD version

Title screen
Object info
Starting level one
Sinister eyes in the dark
Climbing the trees
I'm Tarzan!
I died
The first boss
Progress map
Going down
These idols saves your progress
Moving a mine-cart in the mine
Game over

SNES version

Opening story
Title screen
Crack that whip!
Climbing a vine
The first boss
Attacking a monkey
These birds can be very dangerous
Picking up some items in the mines
Riding on a mine cart
Whoops... forgot to jump off
Attacking a skeleton in the lost city
When you see these scorpions...
... the original Pitfall isn't far away.
Using a knocked out snake as a rope
Tough: going against two Jaguars at once

Windows version

Title Screen
Vine Hopping
The First Boss
A Bonus Stage
Racing Through the Mines
The Secret Hatman Mode (type "hatman" to activate)
This shows the action keys used in the game. They can be redefined. Pre-Alpha demo release
Where there is doubt a statue will point the way to go

Pre-Alpha demo release
The Pre-Alpha demo release seems to have more menu bar options than are available in the full release