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Pitfall Harry's adventures in the jungle Atari 2600 Katakis | カタキス (39520)
The best Atari 2600 game? Atari 2600 Mr. E (4)
best game developed in 1982, it was on the top of the charts for a year Atari 2600 Scott G (794)
A 1980s classic! ColecoVision Gustavo Henrique dos Santos (113)

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Platform Votes Score
Atari 2600 46 3.9
Atari 5200 12 3.8
Atari 8-bit 10 3.8
ColecoVision 13 4.0
Commodore 64 14 3.9
Intellivision 13 4.2
MSX 7 3.5
Windows Phone Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 115 3.9

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Pitfall! is an extremely colorful game with graphics so good you'll really feel like you're in the jungle. The burning fires, slithering cobras and swinging vines are incredibly detailed. And effects like the wild Tarzan yell when you swing your vine across the snapping crocodiles makes this the best game from Activision yet.
Atari 2600Le Geek (2011)
While not my absolute favorite – that honor goes to Seaquest – Pitfall is one of the best games released by Activision, probably the highest praise one can give a VCS game. It was the only Activision title to get a direct sequel before the industry crashed in '84, and it is also a notable precursor to the platformer genre, later epitomized by Super Mario Bros.
ColecoVisionTeleMatch (Feb, 1984)
Pitfall!, für das Atari VCS und Intellivision ja seit langem auf dem Markt, fordert nun auch Coleco-Besitzer in system-adäquater Ausstattung, wobei sich inhaltlich nichts geändert hat.
Atari 2600Techtite (1999)
The premise sounds simple but it was actually very addictive. It helped of course that the music and vibrant color schemes made it one of the most visually stunning games on the system back in those days. The original game would lead to a less played sequel, which may have lost a little bit of the original game's charm, but it even had its own theme song, which was actually very toe-tapping. Yet no sequel could overshadow a game that to this day is one of the irrefutable classics in home video gaming.
Atari 2600All Game Guide (1998)
Although Atari released a cartridge based on Raiders of the Lost Ark themselves, Activision's game is more action-packed and closer in "spirit" to an Indy-like adventure. The only thing missing is a giant boulder to run away from (although I suppose rolling logs will do just fine).
IntellivisionThe Video Game Critic (Mar 12, 2000)
I prefer the 2600 version because of the joystick controller, but there's certainly nothing wrong with this one.
Atari 2600The Atari Times (Sep 01, 2003)
A guy named Pitfall. Deadly pits that open and close (for some reason unbeknown to science) at will. "Cobra rattlers". Logs that continuously roll for no reason at all. Fires that somehow stay lit when no one's around, and crocodiles that let you jump onto their heads. If you think about the above elements for a minute -- and being taken out of context -- you might realize how ridiculous it all sounds, not to mention how unlikely it could (somehow) be combined into not only a good video game, but one of the most highly revered classics of video game history as well.
ColecoVisionThe Video Game Critic (Apr 13, 2000)
This is basically the same game as the classic Atari 2600 version, a few subtle differences aside. First of all, the sound effects are slightly improved. The trees and bushes in the background are more detailed, but the treasures actually look worse (what the heck IS that thing??). But the most noticeable change is Pitfall Harry himself! He definitely looks "thicker" in this version. Apparently he got lazy after his Atari success and let himself go a little. I'm not saying that the guy is overweight, but he's picked up at least 20 pounds! Otherwise, the game plays like every other version of Pitfall. Too bad they couldn't improve upon the graphics for this Colecovision edition. Even the scorpion looks exactly the same.
Commodore 64Commodore Horizons (Oct, 1984)
This one really is a classic, though it sets no new highs for graphics or sound. Strategy and timing is all, and there isn't a proton accelerating hyper-blaster in sight, thank goodness.
Atari 2600Game Freaks 365 (Jul 05, 2009)
As you memorize the game and the order of the screens, it will become easier. Still, this game is going to take a long time for anybody to master, and it is one that many people are going to be entertained enough to pursue. If you have an Atari 2600 and you have never played this game, shame on you. It is relatively common so it will not be too hard to find or too expensive to buy, so, if you own an Atari 2600, you owe it to yourself to try this game.
Atari 2600HonestGamers (Jun 30, 2011)
The end result of this was that I was perfectly happy to test my ability to see how many screens I could cover while staying alive for 20 minutes. There were benefits to this. I was able to get some Pitfall Harry patch from Activision for sending a picture of my recording a score over 20,000. And I had a ton of fun playing the game. While I never reached the ultimate reward of a true victory due to my issues with scorpion-jumping, I found more than enough fun in that Pitfall! cartridge to keep me playing it for years after most of my Atari games were relegated to a box.
IntellivisionAll Game Guide (1998)
Pitfall! is an above average game. Run around picking up treasure and avoid traps around every corner. The problem with this game is that you feel like you are going in circles and there is no way of knowing where you are because everything looks the same.
Atari 2600neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Auch wenn die Grafik im Vergleich zu heutigen Jump'n'Run Perlen mickrig wirken mag, so verbreitet Pitfall! doch auch heute noch einen großen Charme und kann sogar noch völlige VCS-Newbies in ihren Bann ziehen. Das fordernde, aber niemals unfaire Spieldesign und das einfache, aber unterhaltsame Gameplay lassen euch ohne Probleme mal eben eine vergnügsame Stunde vor dem heimischen TV verbringen. Auch der Sound verfügt für die damalige Zeit über eine hochwertige Qualität und wer zu Zweit vor der Glotze abhängt, darf sogar abwechselnd ran. Retroherz, was willst du mehr?
Atari 2600Retroage (May 21, 2009)
Dla posiadaczy Atari 2600, Pitfall! - Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure jest tytułem absolutnie obowiązkowym. Ten niemalże kamień milowy w dziejach elektronicznej rozrywki do dziś urzeka i potrafi przykuć do konsolki na kilka dłuższych chwil.
Atari 2600Retro4Ever (Sep 18, 2012)
Overall, Pitfall! is an excellent game that deserves my strong recommendation. Not only is the game pleasing to the eye, but it packs a punch when it comes to early home console gameplay. Each time I went through Pitfall!, I found myself trying to beat my previous high score. If you were talented enough back when this game was released, and were able to obtain a minimum of 20,000 points during your gameplay, players could send a picture of them by the television screen in order to receive a Pitfall Harry patch. Alas, due to the selected time frame of the offer, the reward eluded me. Fortunately for players, if you own an Atari 2600, you can pick up a copy of the game for just a few bucks.
Atari 2600The Video Game Critic (Aug 05, 2011)
Pitfall is challenging at first, but eventually the action becomes monotonous - even mind-numbing. It seems like you're doing the same three things over and over again. Also, I've never been sold on the idea of those scorpion-infested underground routes. They're supposed to provide strategic shortcuts through the game, but there's no treasure down there and some lead to dead ends. Unless you map out the screens or have an excellent memory, you're better off staying the hell out of there. Pitfall is not as great as some of my friends remember it to be, but its classic status was never in doubt.
Pitfall! is a timeless classic that can and should be enjoyed on the 2600.
Atari (Oct 23, 2011)
Jen málokterá hra originálně vyvinutá pro konzoli Atari 2600 se stala tak slavnou jako legendární Pitfall! z roku 1982. Ve své době jej znal téměř každý fanda po­čí­ta­čo­vých her a ten, kdo jej měl doma, byl mezi kamarády stejně populární jako ten, kdo v téže době vlastnil závodní kolo Favorit. Není divu, že společnost Ac­ti­vi­sion, která hru vyvinula, prodala po celém světě více jak 4 milióny kopií této legendy a Pitfall! se stal druhou nejprodávanější hrou pro Atari 2600.
IntellivisionneXGam (Jul 27, 2012)
Technisch gleicht Pitfall exakt der Version auf dem Atari 2600, sogar die Soundeffekte wurden 1:1 übernommen. Dies ist schaden denn eigentlich wäre deutlich mehr möglich gewesen. Einzige Veränderung gibt es bei der Steuerung: Gesteuert wird die Figur per Disc, Feuerknopf 1 wird zum Springen benutzt und der zweite Feuerknopf um von einer Liane abzuspringen.
Commodore 64Popular Computing Weekly (Aug 30, 1984)
Although the range of hazards is small, variety is produced by changing their distribution on the different screens as harry runs through the jungle. The graphics are nicely done, and the overall presentation better than the otherwise almost identical Cuthbert in the Jungle. Like Cuthbert the game is good fun for a while, but it soon becomes rather repetitive.
Commodore 64Your Commodore (Nov, 1984)
Could this be the old Atari game converted for the 64, you may ask? The answer is yes and it is a little surprising how sedentary it now appears. Perhaps it is now finally beginning to show its age.
Atari 2600VideoGame (Mar, 1991)
Neste jogo, você deve encontrar o caminho em um labirinto para achar um tesouro perdido.
Atari 5200The Video Game Critic (Nov 04, 2001)
It always surprises me just how little effort Activision put into the Atari 5200 versions of their games. For the most part, they are nearly identical to their Atari 2600 counterparts. In the case of Pitfall, only the trees and bushes in the background are enhanced - and only slightly at that! All other objects including Pitfall Harry, the scorpions, and the crocodiles look exactly the same as those in the 2600 version! And if you thought this would be as fun to play as the Atari 2600 version, think again! The control absolutely sucks, thanks to the lousy non-centering joystick. You can imagine how frustrating it is to jump across the crocodile heads. Then there's the problem with letting go the vines. That's right, you'll actually need to wrestle with the joystick just to release yourself. Control problems really hamper this game, so stick with the Atari 2600 version. NOTE: This cartridge will not run on the two-port Atari 5200 models.
Atari 5200The Atari Times (Jan 29, 2007)
The bottomline is Pitfall! was years ahead of its time in terms of game play but adventure games have come a long way since, especially in terms of options. The 5200 version could have easily added meat to the bones to spice things up but like most of their 5200 games they hardly did anything here. The graphics and sounds are not really upgraded, the game play is still challenging but it isn't any better, and the controls just stink worse then year old milk. Perhaps the worse part about this game is that it won't work on the 2 port Atari 5200 system, but may be this can be seen as a positive since it means you don't have to play it. I don't know how Activision could screw one of their best known games but they taking a fun and Action/Adventure titles and turned it into this turd.