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Commodore 64 18 3.8
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PC Booter 10 3.0
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Combined User Score 28 3.5

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Commodore 64Info (Mar, 1984)
Pitstop II is not only the best car-racing game made for the C-64, but easily one of the top 10 arcade games of all time for the 64! The dual-screen feature is incredible (each driver seeing the same world from his own position)! Every detail, from the realistic need for tire-changes and fuel, to the way the steering responds to speed and curve radius is there. Sound effects are excellent (both car's engines roar independently), and the smooth animation is first-rate. 1 or 2 players.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Nov, 1985)
This is a superb racing game, graphics and sound being of extremely high quality. It's like playing two improved Pole Positions one on top of the other.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jun, 1985)
This is a SUPERB implementation of the 3D race game format. Sound is excellent, both cars can be heard independently of each other, and pit stop sound effects like the tyre nuts being undone are terrific. The graphics are clear, crisp, detailed and very convincing. Pitstop II is a stunning and innovative arcade game and should prove to set new standards in the race game approach.
70 (UK) (Aug 26, 2008)
Obviously, many of these achievements will be lost on the majority of players who - understandably - won't feel like filtering the experience through the prism of 1984 to appreciate just how ahead of its peers Pitstop II really was. For those who appreciate vintage software for more than just nostalgic giggles, however, this is am impressive slice of history.
WiiNintendo Life (Aug 07, 2008)
If you're a Commodore 64 fan that used to love playing the Pitstop titles, this is a game you should definitely consider taking for a spin again. It's simplistic approach to racing, coupled with the interesting use of the pit stop scenario, makes for a fun and unique racing experience that you just couldn't find on many game consoles or computers during this time period. That being said, racing game fans who've become spoiled by the extremely realistic approach of modern day racers might find this title a little too dumbed-down and basic for their tastes. It's clear that this game will definitely appeal more to those who grew up playing racing games from this era of gaming. Pitstop II proves that even these classic computer racing titles can still be a lot of fun to play, even all these years later.
Commodore 64Tilt (Jul, 1985)
Malgré le manque de réalisme au niveau des collisions entre véhicules, la « réponse » des voitures est bonne. L'action s'agrémente de situations d'un réalisme captivant : changement de roues et pleins d'essence. La jauge du réservoir et la couleur de vos pneus (témoin d'usure) apportent à la course un intérêt autre que le simple pilotage de vos engins.
Commodore 64Computer Gamer (Jan, 1987)
To me, the game looses part of the fun, but you can't have everything, and it does have good graphics. In general, a game with a great reputation, but overrated, so think seriously about spending £10 on it.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
As it stands, Pitstop II is one of the better two-player games on the Commodore 64. As a single-player game, though, its effectiveness is diminished. Like most things in life, the game is best enjoyed with a friend.
Commodore 64The Video Game Critic (Jun 01, 2011)
Pitstop 2 isn't bad for an early 8-bit racing title. The two-player split-screen was pretty unique for the time, but the lack of a save feature for best lap or race times hurts its replay value.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (Apr, 1985)
Bei Grafik und Spielwitz stellt „Pitstop II“ alles in den Schatten. was an Autorennen-Simulationen für Heimcomputer derzeit auf dem Markt ist. Gegen die von uns getestete C 64-Version wirkt selbst „Pole Position“ wie ein müder Kolbenfresser.