Plan 9 From Outer Space Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
The game has you searching for missing reels of film.
Stopping by the bar.
You take the cab to get around the city.
Exploring the cemetery.
Bela Lugosi's dead!
Lugosi's creepy old home.
Searching through Lugosi's house.
Visiting the cinema in the Mall.
You can play the film reels you find at various projectionist booths in the game. They show short clips of the movie Plan 9 From Outer Space.
Visiting the costume shop at the mall
You'll need to travel by plane to various countries.
At the airport,
A topless beach in Rio.
Bats! I knew they would show up at some point!
Spending a night in prison.
Rummaging through film props in the storage room.
The women you meet in the game are modeled after the actress Vampira.
You can also view the film reels in the editing room.
Visiting Australia.
Watch your step or you may end up facing this weird looking fish. You can die in the game, so make sure to save often.
The fitting game over screen.

DOS version

Title screen.
You're starting the game in producers office.
Use a cab to travel between new locations.
The cemetery gates.
Looking for clues in the private room.
A foyer.
Bela Lugosi's crypt.