Plasma Pong Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Installation menu
Start menu
Starting a new game
A minor magnetic flow
Having beaten my opponent, things ramp up in intensity
My opponent won the previous round
I don't know who's going to break first, me or my monitor
Game over! High score table entry
A multiplayer round
Adjusting settings in the sandbox
Adjusting colours in the sandbox
Adjusting lines in the sandbox
Adjusting... many parameters in the sandbox
Sandbox infoscreen

Windows version

Main game screen
Sandbox mode with different effects
Effects in the sandbox mode
The waves collide in a spectacular fashion.
You need to anticipate more than in the original Pong.
After a suction blast, make sure to finish it off.
The colours change with each level.
Heavy pushing from my side
My opponent prepares a blast.
Don't do drugs, do Plasma Pong.