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Assembled nicely for an old style. Windows Tyler Szabo (6)

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Platypus, from Handmark, ranks among the best-looking side-scrolling shooting games to debut in the App Store. Heck, make that one of the best-looking games in the entire App Store.
Do wyboru mamy trzy tryby trudności oraz istnieje możliwość gry w dwie osoby - w trybie współpracy. Lokacje zostały wykonane bardzo starannie, w oddali widać fruwające ptaki, płynący w dole statek, niekiedy przyjdzie nam przelecieć pod przewodami wysokiego napięcia. Tak więc grafika stoi na bardzo wysokim poziomie, podobnie jak oprawa dźwiękowa.
2D shooters get a fresh face with painstakingly detailed, stylized claymation graphics. The power-up system is fun and engaging, although the gameplay can get a little shallow at times, especially during boss fights.
A great shooter, looks great, plays great…. It’s pretty great!
WindowsGame Tunnel
While not Wallace & Grombit, Platypus does provide you with an experience that you have not ever seen before. In addition to the graphics the sound is also quite memorable. I found the play control to be a little rough. I seemed to constantly be hitting ships inadvertently, and there were points of the game when I looked at the board and knew that no matter what I did, I would not survive. What I perceived to be difficult play control will likely not affect everyone the same way, and this game does come highly recommended due to graphics that are a very singular experience.
The game has a good, solid feel to it, and you'll find a number of fun-to-use power-ups during the course of your missions, which include a number of battles against big, heavily armed boss opponents. Through it all, the visuals of Platypus are the main attraction, since the whole world of the game looks like it's made of clay. Great little details abound, such as how bigger enemy ships gradually break apart as you shoot them, and you can even see their crews bail out by parachute. Platypus' lively soundtrack also never skips a beat as you play, helping solidify this as a great example of a classic arcade-style game for your PC.
iPhoneSlide to Play
Besides three degrees of difficulties and an offline high score list, Platypus doesn't contain many opportunities for replay value. The wi-fi multiplayer is a nice touch, however. A few intense moments aside, this casual shooter is more about easygoing and consistent progression, which suits the iPhone very well.
You'll be blown away by the graphics but once the novelty of this has worn off you'll realize that Platypus plays like any other run-of-the-mill arcade shooter.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Чрезмерная сложность — пожалуй, единственный минус "Пупса". Наличие апгрейдов оружия нисколько не помогает. Их просто приятно подержать в руках, попробовать на врагах и... благополучно умереть через непродолжительный отрезок времени вместе со всей этой ботвой под нескончаемым неприятельским натиском. Мало того, по мере продвижения к заветной цели косяки вертлявых тарелок, несущие на себе всевозможные примочки, попадаются все реже. Осиливших сие чудо без использования инородных программ-взломщиков ждет приз — поездка в Мунголу и настоящий пластилиновый платипупс собственной персоной. Количество призов ограничено, торопитесь!
Platypus is a very solid game overall, though. What it lacks in options and complexity, it makes up for with good old-fashioned mass destruction action. It's simple enough for anyone to pick up and get into, but it still manages to offer a lot to hardened genre fanatics. Go ahead and give Platypus a shot (pun somewhat intended). I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised.
iPhonePocket Gamer UK
This puts Platypus in the slightly awkward position of being attractive enough to pull in both fans and newcomers alike, but perhaps only having the goods to sustain and entertain the former. Nevertheless, it's not a bad thing to be a memorable first step and there's little chance of anyone forgetting the delights Platypus has molded onto the iPhone.
Platypus is fun while it lasts, and there's certainly no shortage of challenge if you opt for its hardest difficulty setting. For the asking price the game is very bare-bones, though, and the only incentive to play through the game again once you're done is to try for a higher score. There's nothing horribly wrong with Platypus, then, provided you can accept it for what it is--an unambitious, simplistic, and short-lived shoot-'em-up.
PSPDefunct Games
Platypus is the only original shooter currently available for the PSP in America, and one of two available in the world. Luckily for it, it is better then Sengoku Cannon. That, however, isn't saying a whole lot, and in the end nothing about Platypus stands out except for the fact that it's the best clay shooter ever by default. I think the publisher knew this, since I have yet to see an ad for it (there have been no magazine previews to my knowledge) and big stores don't carry it. I don't there ever being more then one pressing of this game so collectors, go pick it up after you've beaten the three Konami collections that recently came out. But don't get too excited, at the end of the day this is nothing more than a so-so shooter with a claymation gimmick.
Platypus est un « shoot them up » aux graphismes loufoques et rafraîchissants dont le scénario reste classique. À tester absolument en mode multi-joueurs !
PSPGamers' Temple, The
Platypus would have made a good addition to a collection of mini games – a game with a funky unique look to be played in small doses. On its own there is not enough in the game to make it compelling and the gameplay is just too lackluster to sustain interest.
PSPExtreme Gamer
Platypus from Mumbo Jumbo is as basic as you can get for a shooter. What makes Platypus stand out is the graphics that have been wrapped in an layer of clay, this brings out a unique charm and the quality that pushed me up from a 5 to 6. If you have a few extra bucks or want an easy going shooter, Platypus will surfice as a nice weekend distraction.
PSPG4 TV: X-Play
Platypus isn’t a bad game. It can be challenging and fun, but most gamers will be left wishing that the clay-based graphics were something beyond mere shallow gimmick. What could have been the modern equivalent to classic bizarre Japanese shooters like Parodius is instead a one-trick pony.