Platypus Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

Title screen
The Platypus world map
Firing at a UFO craft.
Timed weapon upgrade for a yellow star
Blue star weapon upgrade in action
Level end evaluation
Collecting fruits from giant ships will give you extra points.
Sonic pulse weapon upgrade
Waterfalls in the background
Shoot your way through buildings.
Shoot rockets at the motor trails.
First boss
Fight in the Clouds at level 2

Windows version

Main Menu
The Platypus World
Journey Begins, Level 1
One of 5 kinds of basic weapons, missiles!
Very active backgrounds, waterfalls.
Dodge Cannons fire.
Shoot your way through motor trails
First Boss
End Level Evaluation
Level 2 - In the Clouds!
Dodge Guided Missles
Survive Air Mine Fields!
Double Trouble Boss
Level 3 - Above Hostile Water
Possible 2 Players
Tripple Missile FirePower
Water Boss!
Level 4 - Dark City!
New Level Weapon.
Powerfull is the word!
Big Last Boss!
Take as much as you can.
Enter your Score