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007: Racing Credits


Project ManagementBrian Jobling
Programming ManagerAndrew Perella
Studio ManagerMalcolm Montgomery
Lead ProgrammerPeter Davies
Programming TeamCameron Patterson, Joanne Middleton, Caleb Leeke, Steven Stewart
Art TeamMichael Cairns, Brian Howie, Jonathan Chater, Malcolm Chater, John Collins, Richard Coates, Oliver Gainford, Steven Mulholland, Christopher M. Owens, Michael Owens, Anthony Thornton, Mark Ward
Game DesignKevin Shaw, Paul Jobling, Malcolm Montgomery, Brian Jobling, Andrew Perella, Darren Jobling, Peter Davies
Game Set UpGraham James, Campbell Muir, Steven Haigh, Jonathan Stobbs
Operations ManagerDarren Jobling
Sound EffectsJonathon Colling, Octagon Music Productions
Menu MusicAllister Brimble

Produced by EA Canada

Executive ProducerHanno Lemke
ProducerTony Parkes
Associate ProducerSerena Whitters
Assistant ProducerJason DeLong
Localization ProducerArlaine Walker
Contributing ProducerScott Blackwood
Contributing DesignerScott Probin
Production CoordinatorXenia Mul
Senior Development DirectorMarcel Laforce
Development DirectorBrett Bradstock, Harry Ross
Technical DirectorBrad Gour
Art DirectorScott Jackson
Mission MusicRom Di Prisco (Morphadron), Wicked Lester, Crispin Hands, Lionshead Entertainment
Mix EngineerHiwatt Marshall
Speech EngineerJennifer Lewis
Speech EditorRob Plotnikoff, Crispin Hands, Saki Kaskamanidis
Character DialogueRichard Schenkman, Global Multitronics
Original Story and CharactersBrooke Burgess
Video CompressionMark Ricard
PhotographyAdam Myhill
Marketing ManagerPeter Royea
European Marketing ManagerAudrey Meehan
Intro and Finale SequenceDigital Animations
"Bond Girl" SequencesBallistic Pixel Lab
Title SequencesWilliam Morrison
Special Guest TalentJohn Cleese
Voice TalentMiles Anderson, Tim Bentinck, Adam Blackwood, Caron Pascoe
Voice Talent CanadaAlistair Abell, Deborah Demille, Phillip Maurice Hayes, Bill Mondy, Rebecca Reichert, Kim Restell, Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff, Cathy Weseluck, Serena Whitters
Character Model TalentInez Jesionowski, Liesa Norman, Mary Kwan, Sara Stockstad, Kenneth Jeary

EA Canada QA

QA Project ManagerDavid Ham
QA Team LeadDarcy Pajak
QA Software TestersGordon Thornton, Paul Byrom
Project TestersMichael Bromley, Tim Dale, Navdeep Gill, Ryan Greenlow, Mike Love, Rob MacDermott, Michael Mahar, Avinash Narayan, Andrew Pojar, Brad Porteous, Daniel Smith, Carvy Spindler, Justin Wiebe, Chris Dellinger
QA Tech LeadBrian Oberquell
MasteringPeter Petkov, Cary Chao, Raphael DeLeon EraƱa
QA Database AdministratorBob Purewal, Jason Feser

EA Redwood Shores

Package DesignMichael Lippert
Package Design ManagementVyn Arnold
Public RelationsJerris Mungai
InternetBobby Lew
Package IllustrationMGM
DocumentationAnthony Lynch
Documentation LayoutBig Idea Group
Customer Quality ControlAnthony Barbagallo, Anthony Alexander, Benjamin Crick, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard, Darryl Jenkins, Andrew Young, David Kellum, Ben Smith

Licensing EA Inc.

VP Business AffairsJoel Linzner
Director of Business Affairs EARSRobert Gonzales
Director of Business Affairs EACBrian Ward
Director of Business and Product DevelopmentFrank Pape
LegalSue Garfield, JoAnn Covington
Aston Martin Lagonda LimitedDavid Byrne, Julie Dalton
BMW AGLars Freisinger, Hans Peter-Ketterl
Group Lotus LimitedKatie Dann

MGM Interactive

President, Home Entertainment GroupDavid Bishop
Executive ProducersNeil Haldar, Simon Mathew, Pamela Trucano
Executive VP, Business and Legal AffairsRobert Rader
Senior Test LeadDavid Paul Guzman
TestersCarlo Serrano, James Myers
Senior Financial AnalystEric Medel
AssistantLaura Wilson
MGM Special ThanksPhyliss Gordon, Mark Leino, Matt Lieberman, Chris Neel, David Elsey, Lee Nedler, Alyssa Moore, David Pope, DANJAQ LLC, Megan Crawford, John Ryan, Leigh Matty, Jonathan Cook, Gail Murphy, Hobson International, Trina Allen, Karen Roberts, Pacific Artist Management, Post Modern Sound, David Croft (Tape Gallery), Mark Lange, Sam Hofer, Thomas Raycove, Francois Lafleur, Jessica Cecena, Carmen Vars, John Casablancas, Vancouver Model Management, Tracy Juliver, Tse Cheng Lo

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75375)