Written by  :  Forever Sport (26)
Written on  :  Aug 14, 2006
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Excellent standard considering the Playstation's limitations.

The Good

This is a superb shooter for the PS1. It is as good as Golden Eye (despite what many say - they over-rate that game for what? sentimental value?) if not better. I generally hate the PS1 and its games, but this hit puts the stuff I play on Saturn to shame. Great graphics, great story, good music, good sound, great guns, great gadgets, great action.. and tons of fun. I think this tops most shooters on the PS2! I was completely caught of guard with this great effort from EA. I have played all the modern 007's from EA that come out every several months.. and all of those seem to really suck (besides the latest two.. finally they started to find the mark). But this is an exception in the series.. if you still play the PS1, please do yourself a favor and pick this up. For $2.99 you'll get yourself entertainment you couldn't buy for $39.99 if your life depended on it. Maybe worth checking out even if you are busy with your 360 & PSP.. though the graphics barrier could take a day or two to over-come.

The Bad

In game music..

The Bottom Line

In the top 10 Playstation games.

Alongside: Tekken 3, Gran Turismo, Suikoden I & II, Time Crisis, Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer R4, etc..