Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2001

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O.K. Attempt by Electronic Arts to make a game as good as Goldeneye 007.

The Good

Graphics: Cool, gleaming floors, the way opponents react after being shot, punched or stabbed is realistic enough.

Weapons: Really cool stuff, like the motorolla mobile phone and the 45. shotgun (later found), also the small spy tools and guns are cool, the knife is small but lethally sharp.

Sounds: Realistic gunshot sounds and cool spy music, realistic sounding knife stabbing sounds and cool spy music.

Gameplay: O.K. but not bad enough to put in the bad section, the controls are simple to learn.

The Bad

Artificial Intelligence: Good at first but after a while, Aaah, BAD, you come to the back of this guy, and shoot him, and he just doesn't notice you.

There's not enough spying around and spy action.

The Bottom Line

Not reaching even halfway the way to the standards of Goldeneye by Nintendo, but we already know that the most ultimate FPS come from Nintendo. Not as much silky spy like action as Goldeneye, not as much adventure, and not as much shooting but worth the money anyway. 5/5 for cool graphics and weapons. By age 11+ for animated violence and blood, and some suggestive flirting.