3x3 Eyes: Tenrin Ō Genmu Trivia (PlayStation)

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The game comes with an extra CD in small format, with the song entitled Raks-ati: Kimi o Mamoru. "Kimi o mamoru" means "I'll protect you", and that is also probably the meaning of "raks-ati" in Sanskrit. There are four other Sanskrit words mentioned in the manual on the same page as the song's lyrics, together with their Japanese translation: jivavah (the two of us live), bodhami (I wake up), raksavah (the two of us protect), and smarami (I recall).

Title Translation

The title Tenrin Ō Genmu is a bit uncomfortable to translate; tenrin can be translated as "turning/spinning wheel", Ō is "king", genmu is "fantastic dream". "The Dream of the Turning Wheel King"? Sounds pretty awkward...

Contributed by Oleg Roschin (181570) on Jul 23, 2004. [revised by : Patrick Bregger (199871)]. -- edit trivia