Actua Soccer 3 Credits


ProducerAnthony Casson
Lead ProgrammersPhilip Rankin, Lee Hickey, Chris Bayliss
Lead ArtistMichael Hirst
ProgrammersAlex Ferrier (Ferret), Jonathan Watson, Michael J. Lister, John White, Kevin Dudley, Jacob Habgood
DesignersSteve Warburton, Paul Clayton, Andy Vernall
Player ResearchChris Challacombe, Richard Stevenson, Mark Freeman
Motion CaptureMick Sheehan, Andrew Lee, Rob Millington, Tony Wills
Motion Capture ActorsAlan Shearer (Newcastle United & England), Simon Tracey (Sheffield United), David Holdsworth (Sheffield United), Andrew Lee
CommentatorsBarry Davies (Bazza), Martin O'Neil
Test SupervisionJulia Sturman, Steve Lycett
Lead TesterLee Campbell
TestersAndrew Home, Ian Sanderson, Eric Booker, Lee Barrow, Ally Brownsword, Andrew Wilson, Gavin Davenport, Wayne Mellors, Asad Habib
ManualMartin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont
PackagingMartin Calpin, Richard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont
LocalizationSarah Bennett
Software ManagerTim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan
QA ManagerCarl Cavers
Intro SequenceAlan Coltman, B/W video images licensed by British Pathe, Paul Gost (B/W video images coordination), Colour video images licensed by CSI, Matthew Lynch (Colour video images coordination)
Intro Sequence MusicCavalleria Rusticana @ Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew, Recorded by Naxos, Remastered by Atmosphere Music Ltd.
"Let Me Entertain You"Taken from the album , (C) Chrysalis Records Ltd., Published by EMI Music Publishing/BMG Music Publishing, (P) 1997 Chrysalis Records Limited
Special ThanksSimon Short, Richard Barclay, Michelle Kelso, Sheffield United Football Club, Aten Skinner, Chris Sweetman, Lyn Spencer, Martin Brammer, Gareth Taylor, Mark Beard, Jim Tebbut, Mark Lord, Empics Ltd.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) and Sciere (505796)