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Alien Resurrection (PlayStation)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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An overlooked PSone FPS. Robert Rackleff (4) 3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.6
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall MobyScore (17 votes) 3.5

The Press Says

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TotalVideoGames (TVG)
Alien Resurrection is an astonishing game, one that needs to be celebrated again and again. The developers have gone to town with this one, everything about it seams perfect. Make sure you buy this one at your local video game shop and if you don't, well you're just crazy.
Just Games Retro
The game itself is still scary fun and solidly designed. It’s easily one of the best Alien games, easily among the top FPS games for the PS1 (much better than Alien Trilogy), and arguably one of the better console FPS’s out there. It doesn’t look like a modern title, but it does play like one, and it balances action and survival horror with some impressive skill. Easy sell for fans of the franchise, and a decent choice for anyone to check out on the cheap.
Power Unlimited
Alien Resurrection hoort kwa sfeer thuis bij de groten der aarde maar helaas valt de besturing door de mand, liggen de save points te ver uit elkaar en moet je telken hetzelfde stuk opnieuw spelen. De falende besturing is in Alien Resurrection je grootste vijand en dat was toch niet de bedoeling.
Mega Fun
Ich muss ganz ehrlich zugeben, dass ich von Alien: Die Wiedergeburt sowohl fasziniert als auch ein wenig abgeschreckt bin. Ganz klar gelang es den Codern auf brillante Art und Weise, den morbiden Charme der Filmvorlage glänzend einzufangen. Technisch kann sich Argonauts Shooter allemal sehen lassen. Negativ stößt jedoch die enorm gewöhnungsbedürftige Steuerung auf. Ohne zusätzliche Maus besitzt ihr absolut keine Chance gegen die blutrünstigen Beißer. Zudem wurde der Schwierigkeitsgrad sehr hoch angesiedelt. Dies wäre prinzipiell noch angebracht, müsste man die rar gesäten Speicherpunkte nicht mit der sprichwörtlichen Lupe suchen. Alles in allem bleibt Alien: Die Wiedergeburt leider nur ein Fall für absolute Freaks!
Gamezone (Germany)
Die Fortsetzung der Alien-Saga ist sehr gelungen. Schlüpfen Sie in die Rolle von Lt. Ripley und vesuchen Sie von dem Frachter zu fliehen, dies ist nicht ganz einfach. Sehr düster gestalltete Atmosphäre und hinter jeder Ecke lauert eine erschreckende Überraschung. Auch die Sound-Kulisse ist sehr beängstigend. Da traut man sich kaum, auch nur einen Meter weit zu gehen... aber in diesem Fall, kommt "es" zu dir. Die Grafik und Steuerung sind recht gut gelungen. Im Laufe des Spiels erhält man ein beachliches Waffenarsenal... dies wird aber auch benötigt.
Imperium Gier
Ostatecznie, tytułem podsumowania mogę rzec: musisz mieć myszę. Jeśli jesteś w stanie załatwić sobie gryzonia, na chociaż parę dni, możesz śmiało inwestować w grę. A skoro doszedłeś, drogi graczu, już do tego momentu recenzji, znaczy to, że tematyka gry nie jest Ci obojętna, a być może jesteś również wielkim fanem Obcego. W tym przypadku zakup myszki powinien stać się Twoim świętym obowiązkiem. Najlepiej poproś św. Mikołaja o komplet "mysz + gra o niegrzecznym Obcym" pod choinkę. W końcu to Gwiazdka, nie?
GameBump/Gaming Horizon
Alien: Resurrection has a wonderful atmosphere, but is destroyed by several problems that shouldn't have even been issues. It’s a renter and nothing more.
Those aching for the next first-person thrill need not look any further. Resurrection delivers all the goods with only a few minor hiccups. Pop in the game, turn down the lights and get ready for one of the scariest gaming experiences of your life.
Playstation Illustrated
In the end, Alien Resurrection is one of the most painful games I’ve ever played. Not because it’s the worst, but because it had so much potential that was just thrown away. Games like this hurt to play -- you see where things went wrong, where a little more time could have made a solid gem of a game. Instead, we get a rough rock that isn’t worth the time to pick it up. If you don’t mind playing an impossible game, Alien Resurrection is fantastic when it comes to scaring the crap out of you. But it’s certainly not a purchase, unless you’re the type who actually likes games-as-torture. Steer clear, and hope that a revamped version comes out for a next-gen system with much tighter gameplay.
Not that Alien: Resurrection would have been a perfect game with Targeting Assistance. Not by a long shot. But what's here is still gristly, taut fun, just like most every other Alien game in the past, and for every ten moments of frustration, there's at least as many moments where this game looks and feels just right. Still, that's a horrible ration -- unfortunately about equal to the quality of the two most recent Alien films. This one goes wrong where too many console FPS's and light-gun-sans-gun have gone wrong, and this is a stupid problem that shouldn't be occurring anymore.
Alien Resurrection échoue donc, alors que toutes les cartes étaient dans les mains d'Argonaut Software. Ce n'est pas un total gâchis mais une grosse déception !
Super Play
För den verklige Alien-fantasten kan det här spelet vara intressant. Argonaut har delvis tagit del av det arv som de fyra filmerna lämnat efter sig och applicerat det med någorlunda stil och finess i sitt spel. Är du däremot en person som är ointresserad av om det är aliens eller inte kanske du borde välja ett annat spel.
Game Informer Magazine
The setting of the game is magnificent. The Alien animations are brilliant and their behaviors are eerily realistic. Familiar sound effects and an arsenal of powerful weapons from the movie make the premise all the more invigorating. Unfortunately, as much as I salivated, I found myself biting my lip more. Every thrill in this game is dampened by the unconventional control scheme. I tried to immerse myself into this suspenseful sci-fi world, but I couldn’t, mainly because the character wouldn’t respond to my actions. Sharing the same fate as the film, the video game version of Alien Resurrection piques your interest, but ultimately disappoints.
Un quake-like de plus pour la PlayStation qui rate sa cible par une difficulté trop dure et un système de commandes trop complexe pour devenir intuitif. Dommage car la réalisation était bonne.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Accurate modeling of the ship, multiple playable characters, an arsenal taken straight from the films and the mechanics of a first-person shooter could, and should, have made a great game. Unfortunately, the vacuous plot relies far to heavily on the film to fill in its gaps, while the lack of a target-lock or any other sort of aiming assistance ensures that players will need more than short controlled bursts to take out their assailants. Level design rounds out this terrible triad as it places far too much emphasis on back tracking, card hunting and just about every first-person shooter faux pas since players learned to expect more from innovative titles like Medal of Honor. This is, ultimately, an absolute waste of some phenomenal potential.
Game Informer Magazine
Alien Resurrection makes up some ground in the tense, frightening atmosphere it creates, but it all melts away when you need to actually participate in the sluggish action and face-punchingly awful level design. If you're looking for a decent PSone Aliens game, stick to Alien Trilogy. Like so many fans of the franchise have said before, "Just pretend Alien Resurrection never happened."
Once planned as a third-person adventure game, the long-delayed adaptation of the latest Alien film has finally arrived as a completely different beast entirely. Now a first-person shooter, the game ends up being the closest thing you'll find to the company's well-received PC FPS Aliens versus Predator. But those expecting that same level of quality in this title will find that, in the space between the final days of the PlayStation and the launch of the PS2, no one can hear you scream.
All Game Guide
With Alien Resurrection, we're left with a title that offers scares but not much else, giving us repetitive gameplay that boils down to a keycard hunt, murky visuals that contribute to the atmosphere but are difficult to navigate, and a control scheme so horrible that it kills any enjoyment you'll have while playing.
Many of this game's problems could have been solved by utilising the same control systems as used in The World is Not Enough and Medal of Honor. If you own a PlayStation mouse the controls are far better, but only a few of us went out and bought one of those as there just aren't enough games that support it. Players who love first person shooters should like this title, but be prepared -- the mission structure gets old very fast, and you will need to seriously reconfigure the controls before playing.
40 (UK)
With no real plot other than escape and a horrible, inconsistent and very inaccurate control system, Alien : Resurrection is dead in the water. The sense of tension and excitement leading up to each encounter is unequalled elsewhere, even in the influential Aliens Versus Predator, but you can buy the films on tape or DVD for a few quid more, and with that you get tension, excitement and none of the flaws so evident in Resurrection. In fact, that's what I'd recommend you do.