Written by  :  Iced Earth (11)
Written on  :  Sep 07, 2002
Platform  :  PlayStation

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atmosphere gives res-evil & silent hill 2 a run for their money

The Good

the moment i switched this game on and got to control the character i knew this would be one hell of a game. the character is not exactly light on his or her feet not like in res-evil or silent hill 2 but that does not spoil the game it`s still good. the music and the darkness are what really make this game good you feel as if you are in a horror movie and that you are trapped in an old house stuck away out in the middle of no where all alone with the things that go bump in the night :). the atmosphere is faultless as is the music there was one part i felt scared at and it was where you went through a grave yard if you used the woman character and it was as creepy as hell you were passing all these vaults that had no doors on them and it was pitch black and you were expecting something to jump out at you from the of the vaults. i`m not telling you if there was something or somethings that jumped out at you because it would spoil the atmosphere and your enjoyment of the game.

the atmosphere in this game is as good as the atmosphere in the silent hill`s maybe even better just maybe though. the weapons you got for the guy were: a double barreled 357 magnum or at least that is what it looked like and a tripple barreled shotgun which was great fun in using but you ran out of ammo if you didn`t watch what you were doing and a few other weapons that were ok to use like a kind of laser gun that you could charge up with these kind of crystals you found lying at the side of cavern walls. so you kind of had infinite ammo for the laser gun which was usefull at times a plasma gun which looked like a blooming flame thrower when you fired it. and for the woman: a pistol and the tripple barreled shotgun and one or two of the guns the guy had. puzzles were a little difficult at times which was one of my only complaints about the game. but apart from that the game is fine a worthy opponent for the survival horror crown which i think belongs to Silent Hill 2 just now because i havent played the gamecube version of the res-evil yet because it`s not out in the uk yet.

The Bad

one or two of the puzzles were a little annoying and the guy could have been just a little lighter on his feet. when the end credits were playing it had a cr*ppy song playing were was the TESTAMENT song called ``ALONE IN THE DARK`` it should have been playing at the end credits. it can be found on the cd ``THE LEGACY``.

The Bottom Line

if you like survival horror games then i dont see why you will not like this game because it has atmosphere and has good controls not great but good and that is what a survival horror should be like if it is to be good.

better than the 3 A.I.T.D games that came before it far far superior in every way.