Another Mind Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Main menu
Controls tutorial
Assembling sentences tutorial
Main title
She is asking the player about himself/herself
Entering player's name
Assembling the sentence, asking her if she can see me
Assembling the sentence is done by mixing different topics (objects), people (subjects) and actions (verbs)
The nurse is checking the medicine
Map with known locations
The schedule is pretty open at the beginning
Game settings
Dialogues show animated portraits over the backdrop location, and feature text only with no voice acting
Contacting her in a dream
Maybe she shouldn't be watching the news if it upsets her
A vision about the nurse
Not sure how you should tell the nurse what you just saw... or experienced
Passing through the hall
Out of body experience... another vision
Informing the girl about your whereabouts
Bad dream... or maybe she just doesn't know how to interpret my presence at first
Heading down the staircase
Looking for the morgue
Caught by the doctor while snooping the hospital at night
Talking to the police
Getting released from the hospital
Back at home in her room
The hospital
Talking to the receptionist
That's strange... the nurse is acting like she has never met you
Checking the newspaper
Couldn't find the nurse
She's talking to the medium to find more about me
Gotta give her more info to determine my real identity
Maybe we can find more clues in the library
There are some fishy articles in the old newspaper