Apocalypse Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Frying some enemies.
Reaching the end of the level.
Boss fight
Sewer mutants
Burning mutant
Climbing platforms to reach an extra life.
Corridor blocked by firewalls.
Jumping over the flames.
Crystal caves
Falling boulders
Descending a cave.
Shooting bats.
Giant rats.
Alligator boss
City level
Falling building
Ruined road
Fighting two tanks.
Riding on top of a flying cab.
Terrain cracked open with lava.
Attract cinema. Bruce does what we love Bruce for doing.
Title screen
Main menu
Intro. The Reverend creates his four horsemen.
Bruce busts out of the slam.
Move with the left stick, shoot with the right.
The warden makes idle threats over the vid screen.
Bruce in the city.
Fighting through the streets as a wanted man.
Fighting atop a flying taxi. Second time for Bruce.
Fight against the horseman Death, whose name is Larry. Yes, Larry.
Get outta here, Larry!
Loading screens have bible-sounding quotes.
The fight continues across the rooftops.