Aquanaut's Holiday Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

Starting new game or load saved game progress
Enter your name
Main title (Japanese version)
A mysterious and quickly fading message
The Blue Continent
Opening art
First look into the deep
At the base
The rocky floor slowly rolls out before you.
Fish schools near the ocean floor.
Being sized up by a fish.
I've played this game for over a year and never seen a dolphin. Two minutes into taking screenshots and the blubbery fellow has already show his snout.
The circles indicate that the various sonar are in use.
Inside your base of operations
Only a small sample of the humongous map
One of your beacons, for easy return to the area.
The square is a sign you've bashed your craft into something.
By Cousteau's flippers what's that!?
It seems to be some sort of face...
This is an interesting find so... launch a beacon.
Return will take you back to the base.
The menu
You can jump to any location where you've set a beacon.
Those little specs are the fish in my reef
Stylized Bubble loading screen
The edge of the map